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1907 — 1928
Volume 1, Number 25

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1907-10-17
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Contents The Outlook: 385-386
Bombastes in Fleet Street (Chesterton, Cecil): 387-387
Oxford and the Nation (Oxon.): 388-389
Ibsen's Women. No. 1 Hedda Gabler (Farr, Florence): 389-390
A Socialist's Notebook (Scipian): 390-391
'The Mere Clerk' Final Reflections (Pugh, Edwin): 391-391
From "Fame and Eternity" (Nietzsche, Friedrich): 391-391
Mr. Wells and Free Love: A Personal Statement (Wells, H. G.): 392-392
advertisements: 392-392
Towards Socialism. III (Orage, A.R.): 393-394
Reviews. 'Sociological Papers' (Eder, M.D.): 394-395
Reviews. 'Beyond Good and Evil' by Friedrich Nietzsche: 395-395
Reviews. 'A Literary History of France' by Emile Faguet: 395-396
Reviews. 'Socialism and Economics' by Thomas Kirkup: 396-397
Reviews. 'The Limit of Wealth' by Alfred L Hutchinson: 397-397
advertisements: 395-400
Drama. Irene Wycherley (Guest, L. Haden): 397-398
Music. Some new works at the Promenades (X.): 398-398
Correspondence. Socialism and National Defence (Vaughan, Wilmot): 399-399
Correspondence. 'The Confusion of Art' (Maude, Aylmer): 399-399
Correspondence. 'The Confusion of Art' (Townshend, Emily): 399-399
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