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1907 — 1928
Volume 3, Number 25

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1908-10-17
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Contents To Our Readers. Important Announcement: 481-481
Notes of the Week: 481-483
The Coming Session (Grayson, Victor): 483-483
Mr. Churchill on Unemployment: 484-484
Cives Europae Sumus (Stanhope of Chester): 485-485
A Plea for Bulgaria (James, R. A. Scott.): 486-486
advertisements: 486-487
The Ideal Home Exhibition: 487-487
Tory Socialism in Liverpool (Edwards, John): 488-488
Fabianism and the Drama. III (Archer, William): 489-490
advertisements: 490-490
The Proletariat at Home (Dukes, Ashley): 491-491
Unemployed (Binns, Henry Bryan): 491-491
Books and Persons (Tonson, Jacob): 492-492
Book of the Week. Review of 'Washed by Four Seas' by H. C. Woods (Norman, C. H.): 492-493
Reviews. Review of 'H. M. I. Some Passages In the Life of One of H. M. Inspectors of Schools' by E. M. Sneyd-Kynnersley: 493-493
Reviews. Review of 'The Empire of the East' by H. B. Montgomery: 494-494
Reviews. Review of 'The Power of a Lie' by Johan Bojer: 494-495
Reviews. Review of 'The Uttermost Farthing' by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes: 495-495
Reviews. Review of 'Renee. A Romance' by Henry Curties: XXX-XXX
Drama. The Sway-Boat (Guest, L. Haden.): 496-497
Correspondence. A Vindication of Bulgaria (Woods, H. C.): 497-498
Correspondence. Fabianism and the Drama (Humphrey, F. Charles): 498-499
Correspondence. Socialists and Savages (Burton, Jno. F.): 499-499
Correspondence. The War Panic (Stanhope of Chester): 499-499
Correspondence. The War Panic (Keene, A.): 499-499
advertisements: 493-500
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