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1907 — 1928
Volume 6, Number 2

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1909-11-11
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Contents The New Age (Tennant, Dudley): 25-25
Notes of the Week: 26-28
The Will of Peter Baines, Bucanneer (Visiak, E. H.): 28-28
Ballads of Hecate: 28-28
Foreign Affairs (Stanhope of Chester): 29-29
My Interview with Mr. Haldane (Edmondson, Robert (Ex-Sergt-Major)): 30-31
State-endowed Authors and Artists (Sparrow, Walter Shaw): 31-31
Sociologist upon the Streets (Geddes, Professor Partrick): 32-33
Shakespeare's Snobbishness and Sensuality (Harris, Frank): 33-33
John Burns (Grierson, Francis): 34-34
A Continental Trip (Kennedy, Bart): 35-25
London (Benjamin, Judah P.): 36-36
Antinous (Phillpotts, Eden): 36-36
Books and Persons (Tonson, Jacob): 37-38
Books of the Week (Flint, F. S.): 38-39
Reviews (Eder, M. D.): 39-40
Drama (Dukes, Ashley): 41-42
The Magazines: 42-43
Art (Carter, Huntly): 43-43
The Real Triumph of the Militants (Heasman, Charles W.): 44-44
Socialism and Science (Phillpotts, Eden): 44-44
Shelley and Dr. Eder (Clutton-Brock, A.): 44-46
Correspondence: 44-46
advertisements: 45-45
"Dividing Up" (Dale, Marianne): 46-46
The Wolves (Jones, Robert): 46-46
The Rebel (S. D. B.): 46-46
The Right to Work (Swann, N. E. Egerton): 46-46
Special Notice (New Age Press, Ltd.): 47-47
advertisements: 47-48
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