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1907 — 1928
Volume 8, Number 23, Literary Supplement

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1911-04-06
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Contents Shaviana: Review of G. B. Shaw's 'Getting Married,' etc. (Randall, Alfred E.): 1-2
Book Review (Biography): Mary Wollstonecraft—A Study in Economics and Romance, by G. R. Stirling Taylor: 2-3
Book Review (Biography): The House of Hohenzollern, by E. A. Brayley Hodgetts (Kennedy, J. M.): 3-4
Book Review: An Autobiography, by Lieutenant-General Sir W. F. Butler (Norman, C. H.): 4-5
Book Review (Biography): Mark Twain, by Archibald Henderson (Randall, A. E.): 5-5
Book Review (Biography): The Life of Robert Browning, by W. Hall Griffin and H. C. Minchin (Carter, Huntly): 5-6
Book Review (Political): Riches and Poverty, 1910, by L. G. Chiozza Money: 6-6
Book Review (Political): The New Social Democracy, by J. H. Harley: 6-6
Book Review (Travel and Description): Brazil, by Pierre Denis, Bernard Miall, and Dawson A. Vindin (Verdad, S.): 6-7
Book Review (Travel and Description): Home Life in Spain, by S. L. Bensusan (Carter, Huntly): 7-8
Book Review (Science): Contemporary Social Problems, by Achille Loria (Lond, M. D.): 8-8
Book Review (Science): Advice to Consumptives, by Noel D. Bardswell (Lond, M. D.): 8-8
Book Review (Fiction): The Purple Land, by W. H. Hudson: 8-8
Book Review (Fiction): Cantacute Towers, by Cecil Adair (Carter, Huntly): 8-8
Book Review (Fiction): The Simple Life Limited, by Daniel Chaucer (Carter, Huntly): 8-9
Book Review (Fiction): Le Gentleman, by E. Sidgwick (Carter, Huntly): 9-9
Book Review (Fiction): The Swing of the Pendulum, by X. Marcel Boulestin and Francis Toye (Carter, Huntly): 9-9
Book Review (Fiction): Jacob Stahl, by J. D. Beveridge (Carter, Huntly): 9-9
Book Review (Fiction): What Diantha Did, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (Carter, Huntly): 9-9
Book Review (Fiction): Some Stories, by Charles Granville (Carter, Huntly): 9-10
Book Review (Fiction): Chains, by Edward Noble (Carter, Huntly): 10-10
Book Review (Fiction): The Bermondsey Twin, by F. J. Randall (Carter, Huntly): 10-10
Book Review: The Jews—A Study of Race and Environment, by Maurice Fishberg: 10-11
Book Review: The Everyman's Library—Autobiography of Edward Gibbon, Plays of Beaumont and Fletcher, Essays on Education by Herbert Spencer, Sheppard's Charles Anchester: 11-11
Book Review: England's Need in Education, by J. S. Knowlson: 11-11
Book Review: Progress, by R. B. Cunninghame Graham: 11-11
Book Review: The Quest (Carter, Huntly): 12-12
Book Review: The Artistic Side of Photography, by A. J. Anderson (Carter, Huntly): 12-12
Book Review: The Militant Suffrage Movement (Triformis, D.): 12-12
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