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1907 — 1928
Volume 9, Number 13

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1911-07-27
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Contents Notes of the Week: 289-290
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 291-291
Tory Democracy (Kennedy, J. M.): 292-292
Letters From Abroad (Carter, Huntly): 293-294
Hedonism v. Humbug (Donisthorpe, Wordsworth): 295-295
Arise, O Song! (Rydel, Lucian): 295-295
Arise, O Song! (Selver, P.): 295-295
The Crisis in Literature (Reviewer of "Nan", The): 296-297
Three Poems (Miller, Henry.): 297-297
Rough Faring (Palmer, Vance.): 298-299
Unedited Opinions: 299-299
Londra Benedetta (Sickert, Walter): 300-300
An Ethiopian Saga (Haigh, Richmond): 301-303
Books and Persons (Tonson, Jacob): 303-303
Poor-Class Houses (Reynolds, Stephen): 304-305
The Sort of Prose-Articles Modern Prose-Writers Write (Squire, J. Collings): 305-306
Reviews: 306-308
The King's Horses (Bernard, S.): 308-308
Mr. Chiozza Money and the Insurance Bill (Chiozza Money, L. G.): 309-309
Recent Music (Hughes, Herbert): 309-309
Overtime (Phelps, Elspeth): 309-309
Mr. Chiozza Money and the Insurance Bill: 309-309
Letters to the Editor: 309-311
Bax, Bergson, and the Alogical (Bain, R. Montague): 310-310
A Correction (Dixon, Frederick): 310-310
The New Peerage (Duke of the Embankment, The): 310-310
Realism in "The New Age" (Medical Student, A): 310-310
Mr. Masefield's "Nan" (Your Reviewer): 310-310
A Friendly Letter (Radford, Ernest): 310-311
A Preposterous Demand (Hunter): 311-311
A Friendly Letter (Kennedy, J. M.): 311-311
A Friendly Letter: 311-311
A Preposterous Demand: 311-311
advertisements: 312-312
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