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1907 — 1928
Volume 9, Number 23

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1911-10-05
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Contents Notes of the Week: 529-533
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 533-533
Pages from a Book of Swells (Escott, T. H. S.): 534-534
On the Native Franchise (Haigh, Richmond): 535-536
The Fortune-Hunters (Titterton, W. R.): 536-537
La Recherche du Frisson (Boyd, Ernest A.): 537-538
Unedited Opinions: 539-539
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 540-540
An Introduction to "Seems So" (Reynolds, Stephen): 541-543
Reviews: 543-546
Letters From Abroad (Carter, Huntly): 546-548
Railway Profit and Wages (Caldicott, O. Holt): 548-548
Production for Profit (Crisp, S. Hugh): 548-548
Wages and Prices (Norton, H. H.): 548-548
The Revolt and the Remedy (Norman, C. H.): 548-549
Letters to the Editor: 548-551
The Alarmist at the Breakfast Table (Riley, Laurence A.): 549-549
A Labour Daily (Maurice, Richard): 549-550
"Advocatus Diaboli" (Grayling, W. Y.): 550-550
The Pure Science of Human Nature (Kennedy, J. M.): 550-550
The School-Children's Strike (T. S.): 550-550
Pragmatism (Warren, R. N.): 550-551
An Interview With Mr. George Moore (French, Lewis): 551-551
Along the Gray's Inn Road (Mansfield, Katherine): 551-551
The Unity of the Moors (Pitt, D. Fox): 551-551
advertisement: 551-552
Mr. Winston Churchill (Titt, Tom): 552-552
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