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1907 — 1928
Volume 9, Number 24

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1911-10-12
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Contents Notes of the Week: 553-556
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 557-557
Catholic v. Freemason in European Politics (Remeuillac, Henri de.): 558-559
To a Newsboy (R. B. A.): 559-559
Welsh Disestablishment (David, Richard): 559-561
Nietzsche's "Dawn of Day" (Kennedy, J. M.): 561-562
Unedited Opinions: The Limitation of Art: 562-563
Views and Reviews (Dror, Lyme.): 563-564
A Fabian Fable: 564-564
The Raising of the Tent-pole (Pantangle): 565-566
The Moral Judgment in Art: 566-566
Reviews: 567-568
Francis Vielé-Griffin (Buxton, Richard): 568-570
Letters From Abroad: The Moscow Experimental Theatre (Carter, Huntly): 570-572
Railway Profits and Wages (Davies, Emil): 572-572
Railway Nationalisation (Drayton, Conrad H.): 572-572
Wages and Prices (Meulen, Henry): 572-573
Letters to the Editor: 572-575
The Black Peril in South Africa (Purchas, T. A. R.): 573-573
Wages and Prices (Whiting, Frances): 573-573
The School Children's Strike (Writer of "Notes of the Week," The): 573-573
A Day With the Eighty Club in Dublin (Annâin, Sidheog Ní): 573-574
Pragmatism (Warnock, Leighton J.): 574-575
A Metaphysic Group (Bax, E. Belfort): 575-575
La Recherche du Frisson (Mace, A. B.): 575-575
Goethe and Herr Doctor Oscar Levy (Quiddam): 575-575
An Uncongenial Task (Squib): 576-576
advertisements: 576-576
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