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1907 — 1928
Volume 9, Number 25

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1911-10-19
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Contents Notes of the Week: 577-581
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 581-581
Mantalini, M.P. (Escott, T. H. S.): 582-582
On the Native Franchise (Haigh, Richmond): 583-584
Corporal Punishment in Schools (Elementary School Teacher, An): 584-585
The New Calvinism (Roberts, E. L.): 585-586
Love Cycle (Mansfield, Katherine): 586-586
Notes on Bergson (Hulme, T. E.): 587-588
Views and Reviews: 588-588
Gentlemen of Misfortune (Bechhöfer, C. E.): 589-590
Present-Day Criticism: 590-591
Reviews: 591-592
Letters From Abroad (Carter, Huntly): 592-593
Music and Musicians (Playford, John.): 593-594
Wages and Prices (Morgan, W. H.): 594-594
Shipping Losses (Newson, G. S.): 594-594
Mixing the Ingredients (Reid, P. J.): 594-595
Letters to the Editor: 594-600
The Two Proposed Labour Dailies (Seed, William H.): 595-596
The Two Proposed Labour Dailies (Squire, Jack C.): 596-596
S. Verdad and Foreign Politics (Stanhope of Chester): 596-597
Catholics and Freemasons (Catholic Layman, A): 597-597
The Insurance Bill (Fanning, Peter): 597-597
School Discipline (Maine, Violet): 597-598
The Black Peril in South Africa (Hastings, B.): 598-598
Pragmatism (Simmons, Horace C.): 598-598
"Man and Superman" at the Criterion (Bechhöfer, C. E.): 598-599
Goethe and Dr. Oscar Levy (Levy, Oscar): 599-599
A Fabian Fable: 599-599
Uncongenial Tasks--II (Squib): 600-600
advertisements: 600-600
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