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1907 — 1928
Volume 10, Number 16

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1912-02-15
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Contents Notes of the Week: 361-365
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 365-365
Our Imperial Crises (Maguire, T. Miller): 366-367
The Portuguese Republic and the Working Classes (Cunha, V. de Braganca): 367-368
Charles Dickens: Was He An Artist? (Filon, Augustin): 368-369
Charles Dickens: Was He An Artist? (Kennedy, J. M.): 368-369
I Gather the Limbs of Osiris: XI. En Breu Brisaral Temps Braus (Pound, Ezra): 369-370
Unedited Opinions: 371-372
Art and Drama (Carter, Huntly): 372-372
Present-Day Criticism: 373-374
Worn Out (Henry, H. H.): 374-374
A Third Tale for Men Only (Congreve, R. H.): 375-375
Discord (Hobson, S. G.): 376-377
Heart of Hamlet's Mystery (Randall, Alfred E.): 377-378
The Practical Journalist (Bechhöfer, C. E.): 378-379
Reviews: 379-380
(Morning, Alice): 380-380
Pastiche: 380-381
Down to Nothing (C. E. B.): 381-381
Proportional Representation (Gray, Alfred J.): 381-381
The Trumpet of Purity (Johnson, John.): 381-381
A Pirate Bold (Visiak, E. H.): 381-381
A Correction (Writer of "Notes of the Week," The): 381-381
Proportional Representation (Randall, Alfred E.): 381-382
Letters to the Editor: 381-383
Picarterbin (Carter, Huntly): 382-382
Dinner to H. M. Hyndman (Gorle, Fred H.): 382-382
"Daily Chronicle" and the Referendum (Smith, George W.): 382-382
Mr. Hyndman on the Situation (T. M. M.): 382-382
Woman's Criticism of "Rutherford and Son" (Low, Frances H.): 382-383
C. F. G. Masterman (Titt, Tom): 384-384
advertisements: 384-384
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