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1907 — 1928
Volume 12, Number 8

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1912-12-26
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Contents Notes of the Week: 169-171
Current Cant: 172-172
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 172-173
Military Notes (Romney): 173-174
The Collapse of the Commons (Wilkinson, Kosmo): 174-175
The Future of Islam (Pickthall, Marmaduke): 175-176
The Progress of Socialism in the United States (Smith, Adolphe.): 176-177
L'Action Française (Boyd, Ernest A.): 177-178
Notes on the Present Kalpa (Kennedy, J. M.): 179-179
Present-Day Criticism: 180-181
The Nietzche Movement in England (Levy, Oscar): 181-183
"Play-Acting" (Nichols Robert.): 183-183
Views and Reviews (Randall, Alfred E.): 183-184
Lucian (Haigh, E. Agnes R.): 184-185
Reviews: 185-187
In Bethlehem (Tud, Morgan.): 187-187
How to Advertise a Modern Play (Thorn, Arthur F.): 187-188
Pastiche: 187-188
Discrediting the Caucus (Ed. N. A.): 188-188
Demos (Effee): 188-188
The Black Peril (Loptus, Pierse): 188-188
Discrediting the Caucus (Robertson, D. O.): 188-188
Cui Bono? (W. Y. D.): 188-188
From my Study Window (W. Y. D.): 188-188
The Dream (Watson, Blanche): 188-188
Letters to the Editor: 188-191
The "White Slave" Traffic (Hastings, Beatrice): 189-189
The "White Slave" Traffic (Son of Belial): 189-189
The "White Slave" Traffic (Wenders, E.): 189-189
Democracy (Kerr, R. B.): 189-190
The Creation of Matter (Finn, Joseph): 190-190
Coincidence (Ludovici, Anthony M.): 190-190
Coincidence (Abercrombie, Lascelles): 190-191
A Sporting Offer (T. K. L.): 191-191
advertisements: 191-191
Lord Burnham (Titt, Tom): 192-192
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