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1907 — 1928
Volume 12, Number 15

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1913-02-13
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Contents Notes of the Week: 341-343
Current Cant: 344-344
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 344-345
Military Notes (Romney): 345-346
Guild Socialism: 346-347
Sleeping Giant Anatomized (Finn, Joseph.): 347-348
Mrs. Drummond's Soliloquy (A. T.): 348-348
Notes on the Present Kalpa (Kennedy, J. M.): 349-349
Law Versus Justice (Gans, Frederick): 350-354
The Jest (Selver, P.): 354-354
The Eternal Feminine (Hastings, Beatrice): 354-355
Letters from Italy (Aldington, Richard): 355-356
Views and Reviews (Randall, Alfred E.): 356-357
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 357-358
Art (Ludovici, A.M.): 358-359
What Will She Make of London Town? (Parker, Stevenson): 359-359
The Vicious Circle (Somewhat in the Manner of Schnitzler's "Reigen") (Selver, P.): 359-360
Pastiche: 359-360
To Certain Very Worthy People (Davey, Norman): 360-360
Raving of an Immature Science Student (Harland, S. C.): 360-360
The Paradox of Freedom (Kerr, R. B.): 360-360
L'action Francaise (Boyd, Ernest A.): 360-361
Letters to the Editor: 360-367
The White Slave Act (Hastings, Beatrice): 361-361
The White Slave Act (Neal, Nancy): 361-361
The White Slave Act (Neilans, Alison): 361-361
Statesmanship by Strike (P. in P.E.): 361-361
Mr. Hyndman and Socialist Unity (Shaw, George Bernard): 361-362
Why Ridicule French Juries? (Gibbs, Arch): 362-362
"The Daily Herald," etc. (Haslewood, Noel): 362-362
"The Daily Herald" (Limouzin, E.): 362-362
"The Daily Herald" (Presscutter): 362-362
Proposed Vivisection of Criminals (Johnson, Maurice L.): 362-363
The Last Ten Tribes (Hare, William L.): 363-363
Present-Day Criticism (North, R.): 363-363
"The New Age" and the Drama (S. T.): 363-363
Mr. Poel and Modern Acting (Salaman, A. F.): 363-363
Present-Day Criticism: 363-363
An Open Letter to Mr. Ludovici (Smith, Hamilton T.): 363-364
The Methods of Mr. Barker (Ould, Hermon): 364-364
The Methods of Mr. Barker (An Actor): 364-365
The Methods of Mr. Barker (Webb, Norman Fitzroy): 365-366
The All-Round Failure of Germ Theory (Snow, Herbert): 366-366
Post-Philistine Shoddyists (Latest Shoddy Poet): 366-367
advertisements: 367-367
James Douglas (Titt, Tom): 368-368
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