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1907 — 1928
Volume 12, Number 19

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1913-03-13
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Contents Notes of the Week: 441-443
Current Cant: 444-444
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 444-445
Why We Oppose Women Suffrage (Low, Frances H.): 445-447
Death of Old Capitalism (Finn, Joseph.): 448-449
Some Modern Aphorisms (Le Bon, Gustave): 449-449
Notes on the Present Kalpa (Kennedy, J. M.): 450-451
The Chronicles of Palmerstown (Fanning, Peter): 451-453
Present-Day Criticism: 453-453
Letters from Italy (Aldington, Richard): 454-453
Views and Reviews (Randall, Alfred E.): 455-455
Thirsty Gods (Simons, Leonard.): 456-457
Reviews: 457-457
Art (Ludovici, A.M.): 458-458
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 459-459
The Dream (Gamp, Sarah): 460-460
"While Human Nature's What it Is" (Helston, John): 460-460
Friends in Council (Morning, Alice): 460-460
"Sing a Song of Armaments" (Thomas, Gilbert): 460-460
Pastiche: 460-460
Woman's Suffrage (Cecil, Charles): 461-462
Letters to the Editor: 461-463
Guild-Socialism (Writers of Articles on Guild Socialism): 462-462
The Single Tax (Fairley, M.): 462-462
The Arts and Crafts (Green, A. Romney): 462-462
"Politics in South Africa" (Barrett, R.): 462-463
The Paradox of Freedom (Eliot, Nevill): 463-463
The Lost Ten Tribes (Hare, William L.): 463-463
The Malthusian League (Johnson, O. M.): 463-463
Money (Stafford, Leslie): 463-463
The Drudges of Palaces (Yeast): 463-463
advertisements: 463-463
Imre Kiralfy (Titt, Tom): 464-464
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