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1907 — 1928
Volume 12, Number 20

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1913-03-20
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Contents Notes of the Week: 465-467
Current Cant: 468-468
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 468-469
Military Notes (Romney): 469-470
The New Capitalism, or International Partnership (Finn, Joseph.): 470-471
The Civil Service (Watson, B. Walker.): 472-474
The Male Suffragist (Seymour, Morley.): 475-475
Notes on the Present Kalpa (Kennedy, J. M.): 476-476
Literary Notes: 477-478
The Chronicles on Palmerstown (Fanning, Peter): 478-479
The Garden of Passion (Elliott, William J.): 479-479
Views and Reviews (Randall, Alfred E.): 480-480
Letters from Italy (Aldington, Richard): 481-481
The End Thereof (Jameson, Storm.): 482-483
Passing it On (Elderly, Felix): 483-484
Pastiche: 483-484
Little Bottles in a Line (Shores, Robert J.): 484-484
The Actor Aesthete. A Monologue (Thorn, Arthur F.): 484-484
Guild-Socialism in America (Crane, R. S.): 485-485
Government Tyranny in America (Kerr, R. B.): 485-485
The Money Trust (Crafter, A. G.): 485-486
Letters to the Editor: 485-487
The Single Tax (A. E. R.): 486-487
A Correction (Cecil, Charles): 487-487
A View from Paris (Davies, A. Morley): 487-487
The Arts and Crafts (H. T. S.): 487-487
A View from Paris (Mayne, Frank): 487-487
advertisements: 487-487
Stanley Houghton (Titt, Tom): 488-487
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