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1907 — 1928
Volume 12, Number 23

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1913-04-10
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Contents Notes of the Week: 541-544
Current Cant: 544-544
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 545-545
Guild Socialism: 546-548
The Friend (Fife, J. T.): 548-548
The Ukraine (Raffalovich, George): 548-549
On Vatican Finance (Romanus Vaticanus): 550-552
Notes on the Present Kalpa (Kennedy, J. M.): 553-553
Present-Day Criticism: 554-554
Literary Notes: 555-556
The Litany of the Damned (Powys, J. C.): 556-556
Death (Powys, Llewellyn.): 556-557
Views and Reviews (Randall, Alfred E.): 557-558
Letter from Italy (Aldington, Richard): 558-559
Nietzche and Strindberg: 559-560
Reviews: 560-561
Semper Servus (Darling, William Young): 562-562
Items (E. S.): 562-562
How to Write a Cautionary Tale (Squire, J. C.): 562-562
Pastiche: 562-562
Art (Ludovici, A.M.): 563-563
Single Tax (A. E. R.): 564-564
Education (Ed. N. A.): 564-564
Single Tax (Fairley, M.): 564-564
Working Women and the Vote (Scott, H. T.): 564-564
Education (Watts, A. E.): 564-564
Letters to the Editor: 564-567
Women's Suffrage (A. E. R.): 565-565
The Women's Movement (Lister, Harold): 565-565
An Anti-Suffrage Insurance Society (Thorley, R. D.): 565-565
The Root of All Evil (Kitson, Arthur): 565-566
The Socialist Character (Wild, Ida): 566-567
The Question of Finish (Green, A. Romney): 567-567
Literary Criticism (Reviewer of Nan): 567-567
advertisements: 567-567
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Webb (Titt, Tom): 568-568
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