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1907 — 1928
Volume 13, Number 1

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1913-05-01
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Contents Notes of the Week: 1-3
Diana (Roen): 3-3
Current Cant: 4-4
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 4-5
Economic Independence The Point of View (Low, Frances H.): 5-7
The Dilemma (Selver, P.): 7-7
Three Classes of Women (Kennedy, J. M.): 8-8
"China Sunday!" (de Fonseka, Lionel): 9-9
America: Chances and Remedies (Pound, Ezra): 9-10
Antoine Béchamp and the Microsymas (Snow, Herbert): 11-12
British Mule. The (Tud, Morgan): 12-12
Grand Passions. A Proper Tale. (Hastings, Beatrice): 13-13
Letters from Italy. (Aldington, Richard): 14-14
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 15-15
Free Rhythm (Selver, P.): 16-16
Pastiche: 16-16
(G.): 16-16
An Office Interlude (Thomas, F. S.): 16-16
Music and Musicians (Playford, John): 17-17
Omnipotent Proletariat (Finn, Joseph): 17-18
Letters to the Editor: 17-23
The Insurance Act (Haslewood, Noel): 18-18
Capitalist Production (Lovett, H. W.): 18-18
"The New Age" and the Press (Press-Cutter): 18-18
The Lastest Form of Puritanical Brutality (Boyle, C. Nina): 19-19
The Lastest Form of Puritanical Brutality (Ludovici, Anthony M.): 19-19
The Lastest Form of Puritanical Brutality (Hood, Arthur): 19-20
The Lastest Form of Puritanical Brutality (K. B.): 20-20
England and the English (Cecil, Charles): 20-21
Feminism (Marchant, T.): 21-21
Working Women and the Vote (Scott, H. T.): 21-21
A Women's Council (Foster, Dora): 21-22
The Perse Players (Cook, H. Caldwell (Master of the Perse Players)): 22-22
On Caricature (Victim, A): 22-22
advertisements: 23-23
"The Pretenders.": 23-23
The Speaker (Titt, Tom): 24-24
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