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1907 — 1928
Volume 14, Number 25

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1914-04-23
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Contents Notes of the Week: 769-772
Current Cant: 773-773
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 773-774
Halt! You Fools! (National Guildsman): 774-776
Mediaevalism and Modernism (Penty, Arthur J.): 776-777
A Malicious Birth (Duxmia): 777-778
Antonin Sova (Selver, P.): 778-778
Allen Upward Serious (Pound, Ezra): 779-780
The "Poor" Politician (Fleming, Thomas): 780-780
Drawing from the Cast (Sickert, Walter): 781-782
Towards the Play Way (Cook, H. Caldwell): 782-783
Present-Day Criticism: 783-784
To My Eye (T. R. A.): 784-784
To Vanity (T. R. A.): 784-784
The Doctor (Gosse, Sylvia): 785-785
Readers and Writers (R. H. C.): 786-787
Phaedra (Hastings, Beatrice): 788-789
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 789-790
Reviews: 790-791
Art (Ludovici, Anthony M.): 792-792
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 793-793
A Few Words with a Modern Poet (Selver, P.): 794-794
Modern Reviewing: 794-794
Pastiche: 794-795
The Wage-Slave's Dream ("W. H."): 794-795
The Lost Wife (Cunningham, Charles): 795-795
The Miser (Visiak, E. H.): 795-795
A Pastoral (Repton, William): 795-795
"Saturday's Review" Cant (Craven, Thos.): 796-796
Aristocracy and Democracy (Lister, Harold): 796-796
The Play Way (Schofield, Walter): 796-796
Present-Day Criticism (Writer of "Present Day Criticism," The): 796-796
South Africa (Haigh, Richmond): 796-796
Women and Labour (Hastings, Beatrice): 796-796
Women's Suffrage (Waskey, S.): 796-796
Aristocracy and Mr. Ludovici (Cox, R.): 796-797
Letters to the Editor: 796-799
Aristocracy and Democracy (Dixon, T. S.): 797-798
Replies to Critics: 798-798
Replies to Critics (Ludovici, A. M.): 798-799
advertisements: 799-799
Mr. Hannen Swaffer (Titt, Tom): 800-800
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