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1907 — 1928
Volume 15, Number 7

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1914-06-18
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Contents Notes of the Week: 145-147
Lucifer (Visiak, E. H.): 147-147
Current Cant: 148-148
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 148-149
Military Notes (Romney): 149-150
From My Window (T. R. A.): 150-150
Towards National Guilds (National Guildsmen): 150-151
Hamilton's Economic Coup (S. G. H.): 151-152
Futurist Dress (Samuel, Horace B.): 152-152
The Sixty Way (A. J. L.): 153-153
The Food Supplement and the Guilds (Irvine, Helen Douglas): 153-153
Futile-ism (Brookfarmer, Charles): 154-154
The Passing of War (Visiak, E. H.): 155-155
The Thickest Painters in London (Sickert, Walter): 155-155
Unedited Opinions: 156-156
Readers and Writers (R. H. C.): 157-158
The Wanderer (B., Andre): 158-158
A Modern Conversation (Thorn, Arthur F.): 158-158
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 159-159
Vital English Art (Nevinson, C. R. W.): 160-162
Artistic Amenities (Arifiglio): 162-162
Impressions de Paris (Morning, Alice): 162-162
Pastiche: 162-163
Slow Breathings (MacDoodle, Angelina): 163-163
Expostulation (Sadd, Thomas): 163-163
The Tortoise (A., George): 163-163
More Contemporaries (Bechhofer, C. E.): 163-163
Flora and Fauna of Kamschatka (Bull, William): 163-163
Letters to Certain Eminent Authors (Carneades, Junior): 163-163
Women (Cowper, Cecil): 163-163
The Awful Phrase at the Window (Figgis, Darrell): 163-163
The Theatre (Mew, Egan): 163-163
Correspondence: 163-163
The Insurance Act (E. W.): 164-164
Guarantees in Building (Ince, Howard): 164-164
The "New Age" and the Press (Presscutter): 164-164
Stirner and Nietzsche (Levy, Oscar): 164-165
Letters to the Editor: 164-167
Art and Aristocracy (Mackey, Haydn R.): 165-165
Art and Aristocracy (Norton, James): 165-165
"Advertising and Progress" (Hole, E. S.): 165-167
The Evil Genius of anti-Suffragism (Gibbs, Arch.): 167-167
"A Missionary Up to Date" (Harford, Charles F.): 167-167
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