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1907 — 1928
Volume 16, Number 10

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1915-01-07
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Contents Notes of the Week: 233-235
Current Cant: 235-235
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 236-236
Military Notes (Romney): 237-237
Letters to a Trade Unionist (Kenney, Rowland): 237-238
War and Religion (Merezhkovski, Dmitri): 239-240
The Case of Egypt (Pickthall, Marmaduke): 240-240
The Menace of English Junkerdom (Publicist, A): 241-242
Dr. Gobineau and Chamberlain (Levy, Oscar): 242-243
Hyphenated States of America (E.A.B.): 243-244
Impressions of Paris (Morning, Alice): 245-246
Affirmations: Arnold Dolmetsch (Pound, Ezra): 246-247
Readers and Writers (Selver, P.): 248-249
American Notes (E.A.B.): 249-249
Memoirs: A Dialogue (Presber, Rudolph): 250-252
Letters from Russia (Bechhöfer, C.E.): 252-253
Current Verse: 253-255
The Idealistic Reaction Against Science (Coomaraswamy, Ananda): 255-256
A Ballade of London Suburbs (Selver, P.): 256-256
Well? (H.H.): 256-256
Pastiche: 256-257
God and Man (Lane, Fitzgerald): 256-257
The National Crisis (Thorn, Arthur F.): 257-257
The War of Ideas (Norman, C.H.): 258-258
The Press (Sona, Per): 258-258
Britons-British Nationals (X): 258-258
The Atrocities (Nash, A.C.): 258-258
The Atrocities (Kitson, Arthur): 258-259
The Atrocities (J.M.): 258-259
Letters to the Editor: 258-263
Arrogance and Culture (E.H.R.C.): 259-260
Democracy in Doubt (Lister, Harold): 260-260
Nationalist Scottish Notes (Pteleon): 260-261
Women's Emergency Corps. (For Rich and Poor): 261-261
Women and War (Dunning, Millar): 261-261
The Poetry of George Sterling (Sinclair, Upton): 261-262
The Jews (Admirer of Moses and Isaiah, An): 262-262
Danielizing (Evans, Frederick H.): 262-262
More Modern Theatre (A.F.T.): 262-263
Patriotism and Music (Fair-to-All): 263-263
Tquassouw and Enonmquaiha (Duncan, John): 263-263
A Uniform Decimal System (Hull, M.K.): 263-263
Business as Usual (Music-Hall Artiste, A): 263-263
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