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1907 — 1928
Volume 16, Number 13

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1915-01-28
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Contents Notes of the Week: 329-332
Current Cant: 332-332
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 333-333
Military Notes (Romney): 334-335
Letters to a Trade Unionist (Kenney, Rowland): 335-336
About the Caliphate (Pickthall, Marmaduke): 336-337
The Parliament of the Dead (Norman, C.H.): 337-339
The South African Situation (Poutsma, H.J.): 339-341
Prophet and Priest (Muntaqim, Abdul): 342-342
Impressions of Paris: 343-344
Letters from Russia (Bechhöfer, C.E.): 344-344
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 345-345
Question and Answer (Theer, Otakar): 345-345
Question and Answer: 345-345
Readers and Writers (R.H.C.): 346-347
Wanderings in Spain (Curle, Richard): 347-349
Affirmations: As for Imagisme (Pound, Ezra): 349-350
Partial Truth About Slavs (Selver, P.): 350-351
Reviews: 351-353
Pastiche: 353-354
Profits As Usual (Giedon, J.W.): 353-354
A Shaft for William Archer (Attila): 354-354
Bombs for Breakfast (Thorn, Arthur F.): 354-354
Song (Thorley, Wilfrid): 354-354
Italy in the Adriatic (Re, Arundel Del): 355-355
Sir Edward Grey (Norman, C.H.): 355-356
Letters to the Editor: 355-359
S. Verdad and Socialism (J.E.S.): 356-356
Russian Versus German Culture (Burke, J. Butler): 356-357
Vandalism (Pitt, Douglas Fox): 357-357
The South African Situation (Beyers, C.F.): 357-357
The South African Situation (Wet, C.R. De): 357-357
The South African Situation (Maritz, H.): 357-357
The South African Situation (Kemp, J.): 357-357
The South African Situation (Wessels, Wessel): 357-357
The South African Situation (Fourie, J.): 357-357
The South African Situation (Pienaar, J.J.): 357-357
Kultur (Viola): 357-358
Those Alien Enemies Again (Selver, P.): 358-358
High Prices (S.H.P.): 358-358
Militarism (Inkster, Leonard): 358-358
Women's Emergency Corps. (Oriflame, Everlina): 358-358
Christian Theology (Harrison, Harold B.): 358-359
Beer Street and Gin Lane (Duncan, John): 359-359
Vorticism (Pound, Ezra): 359-359
Vorticism (Schiffsbauer): 359-359
Art Criticism (Buzzer, A.): 359-359
More Business As Usual (Music-Hall Artiste, A): 359-359
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