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1907 — 1928
Volume 19, Number 4

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1916-05-25
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Contents Notes of the Week: 73-75
A Russian Folk Song (C. E. B.): 75-75
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 75-76
Unedited Opinions: 76-77
The German Case Against Germany (Shaw, George Bernard): 77-80
Where Ignorance Is Bliss (Verax): 80-82
A Modern Document (Reed, Acton): 82-84
A Modern Document (Lawrence, Herbert): 82-84
Readers and Writers (R. H. C.): 84-85
Tales of To-day (Bechhofer, C. E.): 85-86
Impressions of French Pronunciation (Morning, Alice): 86-87
The Thorn (Pitter, Ruth): 87-87
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 88-89
Reviews: 89-90
Apathy (A. M. A.): 91-91
Courage (A. M. A.): 91-91
Despair (A. M. A.): 91-91
numbness (A. M. A.): 91-91
Mr. Piffles Through (C. E. B.): 91-91
Fragment Discovered in the Land of Freedom (Purcell, V. A.): 91-92
Pastiche: 91-92
Better Way with Conscientious Objectors ("X"): 92-92
International Arbitration (Meulen, Henry): 92-93
Letters to the Editor: 92-96
Peace by Negotiation (Buxton, Charles Roden): 93-93
Food Prices in Germany (C. S. D.): 93-93
America (Kerr, R. B.): 93-93
On Democracy (Holland, J. Catesby): 94-94
"Press Cuttings" (Zimmern, A. E.): 94-95
Shakespeare as Grotesque (C. S. J. D.): 95-95
The Case of Mr. Darrel figgis (Figgis, Millie): 95-95
James Stephens and Bernard Shaw (Shaw, G. Bernard): 95-95
Press Cuttings: 96-96
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