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1907 — 1928
Volume 20, Number 1

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1916-11-02
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Contents Notes of the Week: 1-4
Foreign Affairs (Verdad, S.): 4-5
A Visit to the Front (Maeztu, Ramiro de): 5-7
Permanent Hypothesis (S. G. H.): 7-9
A Review of the Greek Situation (Constantinides, T.): 9-10
National Guilds, Socialism, and the Servile State (Anderson, W.): 11-12
An Industrial Symposium (Carter, Huntly (conducted by)): 12-13
Letters from Ireland (Bechhofer, C. E.): 14-14
Readers and Writers (R. H. C.): 15-16
The Arts and Artifices of Advocacy in Extremis (Durran, W.): 16-17
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 17-18
Reviews: 18-19
Pastiche: 19-20
A Conversation (Schwarzkopf, Gustav): 19-20
A Conversation (Selver, P.): 19-20
Fiat Lux (Radford, C. L.): 20-20
Excess Profits Tax (Sutcliffe, W. L.): 20-20
Republican (Tydeman, Marcus): 20-20
Are the Jews a Nation? (Baldensperger, Ph. J.): 20-21
Letters to the Editor: 20-23
Infant Mortality (C. W. E.): 21-22
"Letters from Ireland" (E. O'C.): 22-22
"Humanity v. Un-Humanity" (Eswell-Sutton, A. S.): 22-22
Drama (R. G.): 22-22
The New Drama (W. K.): 22-22
The New Drama (Bipp): 22-23
Partant pour le "Spectator" (Harrison, Harold B.): 23-23
Memoranda: 23-23
Press Cuttings: 24-24
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