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1907 — 1928
Volume 25, Number 1

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1919-05-01
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Contents Notes of the Week: 1-3
The Control of Production (Douglas, C. H.): 4-4
The Cause of Massacres (Pickthall, Marmaduke): 4-7
A Reformer's Note Book: 7-8
The Civil Guilds (S. G. H.): 8-10
In School (Coxon, T. R.): 10-11
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 11-12
Music (Atheling, William): 12-13
The Monasteries (Le Lievre, A.): 13-13
The Civil Service (Demophile): 13-14
Letters to the Editor: 13-15
The Case of Nurse Cavell (Cameron, A. M.): 14-14
Art and Economics (Milward, Frank): 14-14
The Literature of Turkey (Pickthall, Marmaduke): 14-15
Facts about France (Carter, Huntly): 15-15
A Fairy Fragment (H.T.): 16-16
Whom We Have Buried (Pitter, Ruth): 16-16
Poet and Peasant (Simmons, Bayard): 16-16
Pastiche: 16-16
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