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1907 — 1928
Volume 26, Number 9

London: The New Age Press, Ltd., 1920-01-01
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Contents Women in Industry (Low, Frances H.): 133-135
Willow (Pitter, Ruth): 135-135
Towards National Guilds (National Guildsmen): 136-136
Relativity and Metaphysics. (Western, R. W.): 137-138
Psycho-Analysis. (Alcock, J. A. M.): 138-138
The Revolt of Intelligence (Pound, Ezra): 139-140
Drama (Hope, John Francis): 140-141
Readers and Writers (R. H. C.): 141-142
Contemporary Fragments (Lavrin, Janko): 142-143
Music (Atheling, William): 144-145
Art Notes (Dias, B. H.): 145-146
Views and Reviews (A. E. R.): 146-147
The Plumage Traffic (Dewar, Willoughby): 147-147
The County of Mayo (Fanning, Peter): 147-147
letter (Pound, Ezra): 147-147
Letters to the Editor: 147-147
Review: 147-147
Any Conscious to any Conscious (Alcock, J. A. M.): 148-148
Where Ocean and Desert Meet (G. T. W.): 148-148
Pastiche: 148-148
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