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Vol. 1, No. 1
Murry, John Middleton (editor)
London: Martin Secker, 1913-05-01 90 p.; 24.6 x 18.8 cm.
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Contents Front Advertisements: B-B
Contents: i-ii
A Study in Dubiety (Beerbohm, Max): D-D
The Song of the Mad Prince (de la Mare, Walter): 1-1
The Vixen (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 2-3
To His Friend to Try Another Tavern (Gogarty, Oliver): 4-5
The Soiled Rose (Lawrence, D. H.): 6-23
The Beggar's Hunt (Davies, W. H.): 24-27
The Esperanto of Art (George, W. L.): 28-36
Epilogue: Pension Seguin (Mansfield, Katherine): 37-42
Painting (McEvoy, Ambrose): E-E
Two Drawings (Lees, Derwent): F-F
Design for a Wrap (Wilkinson, Norman): G-G
Design for Fancy Dress (Squire, Harold): H-H
The Theatre: Conventions: Chinese, English and French (Cannan, Gilbert): 43-45
Fiction: A New Book by Charles Marriott (Walpole, Hugh): 46-50
General Literature: The Final Word (Swinnerton, Frank): 51-55
French Books (Murry, J. Middleton): 56-62
Georgian Music: The Balfour-Gardiner Concerts (Browne, W. Denis): 63-67
The Galleries: Anne Estelle Rice (Sadler, Michael T. H.): 68-70
Review of Reviews: English, French, Italian: 71-76
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