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Vol. 1, No. 2
Murry, John Middleton (editor)
London: Martin Secker, 1913-06-01 86 p.; 24.6 x 18.8 cm.
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Contents: i-i
Joachim among the Sheepcotes (Spencer, S.): D-D
Yasmin: A Ghazel (Flecker, James Elroy): 77-77
The End of the Lonely King (Boothroyd, Norman): 78-78
Lines Spoken at the Opening of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, February 15th, 1913 (Drinkwater, John): 79-81
Millie (Mansfield, Katherine): 82-87
Anger and Dismay: A Footnote on the Writings of H. G. Wells (Beresford, J. D.): 88-96
A Fresh Start in Music (Dent, Edward J.): 97-102
Epilogue: II (Mansfield, Katherine): 103-109
The Theatre: Caps, Bells and Legs (Cannan, Gilbert): 110-113
A Composition (Lightfoot, G. S.): E-E
The Palm Tree (Innes, J. D.): G-G
Children (Jennings, Frances): I-I
Theatres in the Air (Drinkwater, John): 113-116
Poetry (Abercrombie, Lascelles): 117-122
The Novels: Imagination (Walpole, Hugh): 123-127
General Literature: Gretton's Modern History, A Small Boy, Steps of Parnassus, Lore of Prosperine, Dreams (Swinnerton, Frank): 128-133
French Books: A Classic Revival (Murry, John Middleton): 134-138
Recent French Novels (Boulestin, X. Marcel): 138-140
Music: Wolf-Ferrari, Henschel, Fanelli (Browne, W. Denis): 141-142
The Galleries. Mr. Max Beerbohm's Exhibitions (Marsh, Edward): 143-146
The Galleries. Ind├ępendants and the Cubist Muddle (Drey, O. Raymond): 146-148
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