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No. 2
Graves, Robert (editor)
London: Martin Secker, 1919-10-01
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Contents The Rabbit (de la Mare, Walter): 1-1
The Happy Night (Squire, J. C.): 3-3
Limitations (Sassoon, Siegfried): 4-5
Eagles (Griset, Ernest): VIII-VIII
Everyone Sang (Sassoon, Siegfried): 6-6
Alas (de la Mare, Walter): IX-IX
Song from a Play (Baring, Maurice): 7-7
Advice to Lovers (Graves, Robert): 8-8
Vain Man (Nicholson, Nancy): XII-XII
Song--One Hard Look (Graves, Robert): 9-9
Petunia (Turner, W. J.): 10-12
Fairyland (Bianco, Pamela): XIII-XIII
Maidens (Turner, W. J.): 13-14
The Flower of Flame (Nichols, Robert): 15-21
Ecstasy (Rockwell, Kent): XV-XV
A Country God (Blunded, Edmund): 22-23
The Picnic (Nicholson, William): XVII-XVII
The Nightjars (Shanks, Edward): 24-25
Study (Wood, Derwent): XIX-XIX
Let Me In! (Freeman, John): 26-27
I Am that Creature (Freeman, John): 28-28
Fable (Nicholson, William): XXI-XXI
The Golden Whales of California (Lindsay, Vachel): 29-32
"Get Up" (Rockwell, Kent): XXIII-XXIII
Something Defeasible (Beerbohm, Max): 33-37
Sketch for Cenotaph No. 1 (Lutyens, Edwin): XXV-XXV
The "Heart's Desire" (Tomlinson, H. M.): 38-45
Parish Council Meeting (Nash, John): XXVIII-XXVIII
The Cow (Rickword, Edgell): 46-54
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