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1908 — 1910
Vol. 4, No. 13
Hueffer, Ford Madox (editor)
London: Chapman and Hall Ltd., 1909-12-01
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Contents Advertisements: B-B
The Clerk of Kenfig (Rhys, Ernest): 1-3
Three Poems. Under the Linden Branches (Freeman, John): 4-4
Three Poems. Inevitable Change (Freeman, John): 4-5
Three Poems. Letter to Jane (Freeman, John): 5-5
Persephone (Manning, Frederic): 6-6
A Pagan Creed: Sallustius's "De Diis et Mundo" (Murray, Gilbert): 7-24
The Starveling Poet (Pugh, Edwin): 25-32
Letters from America. The Modern Pulpit. V (Dickinson, G. Lowes): 33-37
Letters from America. Red-bloods and Mollycoddles. VI (Dickinson, G. Lowes): 37-41
Letters from America. Advertisement. VII (Dickinson, G. Lowes): 41-46
Lucy Evans. I-II (Cannan, Gilbert): 47-63
The Wife of Altamont. I-V (Hunt, Violet): 64-98
The Critical Attitude. Passing of the Great Figure (E. R.): 101-110
After the Destruction of the Veto (Hobson, J. A.): 111-121
The Control of Foreign Affairs: A Proposal (Brailsford, H. N.): 122-131
Les Intérêts de la Russie et les Droits de la Finlande (Mechelin, Leo): 132-137
The Rights of Finland at Stake (Reuter, J. N.): 138-145
The Place of Satire in Education (Watson, Foster): 146-153
Publications Received: 154-162
Histoire de la Princesse Zulkaïs et du Prince Kalilah (Beckford, William): 163-184
Advertisements: xiv-xviii
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