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1908 — 1910
Vol. 1, No. 4
Hueffer, Ford Madox (editor)
London: Duckworth and Co., 1909-03-01
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Contents advertisements: i-viii
La Prière (Verhaeren, Émile): 609-610
The Dryad (Clifford, Ethel): 611-617
The Back of Beyond (Allen, J. W.): 618-624
The Velvet Glove (James, Henry): 625-649
Some Reminiscences. IV (Conrad, Joseph): 650-664
The Coach (Hunt, Violet): 665-680
The Family Stories of a Public Servant (M.): 681-689
Georgiana. II (Barker, Granville): 690-699
Tono-Bungay: A Romance of Commerce. IV (Wells, H. G.): 700-791
The Function of the Arts in the Republic. The Plastic Arts. IV (R., E.): 795-798
Modern Life. The Source of Information. I (Belloc, H.): 799-808
Modern Life. The Homelessness of Jones. II (Chesterton, G. K.): 809-815
Modern Life. The Russian Spy System: The Azeff Scandals in Russia. III (S., D.): 816-832
advertisements: ix-xvi
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