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1919 — 1920
No. 2
Lall, Chaman (editor)
London: Hendersons, 1919-09-01
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Contents Cover Design (Allinson, A.): a-a
Counterpoint: Priapus and the Pool (Aiken, Conrad): 7-9
Chant of Him Who Was Crucified (Childe, Wilfred): 10-10
Abaris: A Rhapsody (Childe, Wilfred): 10-11
Rose Blanches des Aubes (Childe, Wilfred): 11-12
Minor Exasperations (Aldington, Richard): 13-15
Drawing (Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri): 16-16
Smoker (Read, Herbert): 17-17
In the West Riding (Read, Herbert): 17-18
Cloud-birth (Trevelyan, R. C.): 19-19
A Child's Birthday (Trevelyan, R. C.): 19-19
At Sunrise (Fletcher, John Gould): 20-20
The Forest of Night (Fletcher, John Gould): 21-22
War—and Peace (Massingham, H. J.): 23-23
Sors Exitura (Massingham, H. J.): 23-24
Drawings (Gordon, Cora): 25-25
Urbanity (Earp, T. W.): 26-28
Ave Atuqe Vale (Green, Russell): 29-29
Embankment Nocturne (Green, Russell): 29-29
Song (Green, Russell): 30-30
Solitude (Green, Russell): 30-31
The Enthusiast (Dickinson, Eric): 32-32
The Man Who Was Afraid (Lall, Chaman): 33-34
Marine (Rimbaud, Arthur): 35-35
Metropolitan (Rimbaud, Arthur): 35-36
Barbaric (Rimbaud, Arthur): 36-37
Flowers (Rimbaud, Arthur): 37-37
Democracy (Rimbaud, Arthur): 37-37
What the Goose-girl said about the Dean (Sitwell, Edith): 38-38
"Tournez, tournez, bons chevaux de bois" (Sitwell, Edith): 38-39
By Candlelight (Sitwell, Edith): 39-40
Drawing (Sickert, Walter): A-A
Drawings (Rothenstein, W.): B-C
Still Life (Atkinson, Lawrence): D-D
The Streams (Coppard, A. E.): 41-41
Wishes (Coppard, A. E.): 41-42
To a Nose: After the Spanish of Villegas (Strong, L. A. G.): 43-43
Eena-meena-mina-mo (Strong, L. A. G.): 43-44
Drawing (Hamnett, Nina): 45-45
Leda (Huxley, Aldous): 46-62
Tail Piece (Odle, A.): 63-63
Advertisements: 64-64
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