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1919 — 1920
No. 3
Lall, Chaman (editor)
London: Hendersons, 1919-12-01
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Contents Cover Design (Roberts, William): i-i
The Stone Place (Fletcher, John Gould): 7-7
Gates (Fletcher, John Gould): 8-8
Low Tide on the Foreshore at Merrion (Dodds, E. R.): 9-9
The Blind Glen (Dodds, E. R.): 10-10
The Moon-worshippers (Dodds, E. R.): 10-11
Why should Beauty endure? (Dodds, E. R.): 11-11
Week-ends (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 12-14
The Pike (Blunden, E. C.): 15-16
An Evensong (Blunden, E. C.): 16-17
The Unchangeable (Blunden, E. C.): 17-17
A Waterpiece (Blunden, E. C.): 18-18
Occasional Visitor (Monro, Harold): 19-19
A Cautionary Rhyme for Parents (Munro, Harold): 19-19
The Spring Song: From Sundry Songs suited to Civilization. For Osbert Sitwell (Nichols, Robert): 20-23
On Richard Aldington (Flint, F. S.): 24-25
Bones (Aldington, Richard): 26-27
The New Legend (Sitwell, Osbert): 28-32
Summer Wind (Sitwell, Osbert): 32-33
Drawing (Turnbull): A-A
Drawing (Flanagan, John): B-B
What the Syren said to the Sea-Horse (Sitwell, Osbert): 33-34
Malibras (O'Brien, Edward J.): 35-36
Christopher Marlye (Strong, L. A. G.): 37-37
A Devon Rhyme (Strong, L. A. G.): 38-38
From the Dublin Streets (Strong, L. A. G.): 38-38
The Train runned over Joe (Strong, L. A. G.): 39-39
At the Fair (Sitwell, Edith): 40-41
Imaginary Conversation (Huxley, Aldous): 42-49
Drawing (Modigliani): C-C
Ladle Slag (Wadsworth, Edward): D-D
Mental Cases: Killed in Action, 4th Nov., 1918 (Owen, Wilfred, M. C.): 50-50
Cabaret (Aiken, Conrad): 51-52
Movements from a Symphony (Aiken, Conrad): 53-60
The Return (Moult, Thomas): 61-61
Three Songs (Wilson Gibson, Wilfrid): 62-63
Indian Summer (Green, Russell): 64-64
Oxford Bells (Green, Russell): 64-65
To One (Green, Russell): 65-65
Economics (Green, Russell): 65-66
Individual (Green, Russell): 66-67
A Prayer (Green, Russell): 67-67
Society (Green, Russell): 68-68
English Literature and the Revolution (Goldring, Douglas): 69-73
Shaw, the Show, and the Shawm: Or, What's Wrong with the Theatre? (Lall, Chaman): 74-78
Love and Sin (Meyerstein, E. H. W.): 79-79
Enigma (Meyerstein, E. H. W.): 79-80
Seasons (Meyerstein, E. H. W.): 80-80
Huskisson Sacred and Profane: Another Jest too deep for Laughter (Read, Herbert): 81-85
To --- (Deutsch, Babette): 86-86
Entr'acte (Deutsch, Babette): 86-86
Eve (Massingham, H. J.): 87-88
The Tower in the Lane (Childe, Wilfred): 89-90
As an Army with Banners (Childe, Wilfred): 90-91
A Psalm of Peace (Crawshay William, Eliot): 92-92
Beside the Still Waters (Crawshay William, Eliot): 93-93
Brown Earth and Beech Tree (Earp, T. W.): 94-94
Merlin (Earp, T. W.): 95-95
Advertisements: 96-96
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