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1919 — 1920
No. 4
Lall, Chaman (editor)
London: Hendersons, 1920-04-01
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Contents Cover Design (Bomberg, David): a-a
(Dickey, E. M. O'R.): 2-2
Street Meeting (Adams, John J.): 7-8
Profiteer Williamson pursues Culture (Adams, John J.): 8-9
Portrait of one dead (Aiken, Conrad): 10-12
Coffins (Aiken, Conrad): 12-13
Le Maudit (Aldington, Richard): 14-14
On Frederick Manning (Aldington, Richard): 15-16
Three Fables (Manning, Frederick): 17-19
An African Love Song (Beadle, Charles): 20-22
Gigue Macabre (Dunnachie Campbell, Royston): 23-24
Bongwi the Baboon (Dunnachie Campbell, Royston): 24-25
The Vision of the Enchanter: A Fantasy (Childe, Wilfred Rowland): 26-27
Isle of our Lady (Childe, Wilfred Rowland): 28-28
The Contest (Cournos, John): 29-29
Autobiography (Cournos, John): 30-33
Absence (Dickinson, Eric C.): 34-34
False Waking (Dickinson, Eric C.): 34-34
To the Muse (Earp, T. W.): 35-35
The Forsaken Shepherd (Earp, T. W.): 35-36
Summer (Earp, T. W.): 36-36
From Babel's Night (Fletcher, John Gould): 37-37
The Eagles (Fletcher, John Gould): 38-38
London Nightfall (Fletcher, John Gould): 38-38
The Bridge (Fletcher, John Gould): 39-39
On H. D. (Felton, Henry J.): 40-43
Sea Heroes (D., H.): 44-46
Neighbours (Wilson Gibson, Wilfrid): 47-49
Head of a Boy: (Stone) (Zadkine): A-A
(Dickey, E. M. O'R.): B-B
Post-Georgian Poet in Search of a Master (Goldring, Douglas): 50-51
Despairs (Gould, Gerald): 52-52
Satirically (Green, Russell): 53-53
Autumn (Green, Russell): 54-55
Meditation (Green, Russell): 55-55
Requiem: July 17th, 1919 (Kitchin, C. B.): 56-57
Granadilla (Lowell, Amy): 58-58
Carrefour (Lowell, Amy): 58-58
Tribunal (Selver, Paul): 59-61
The Faun (Selver, Paul): 62-62
Dallington (Strong, L. A.): 63-63
The Madwoman (Strong, L. A.): 63-64
Michelmas Night (Strong, L. A.): 64-65
Drawing (Hamnett, Nina): C-C
Nature Morte: (From a Painting) (Derain, André): D-D
Faces (Tree, Iris): 66-66
Drawing (Gaudier-Brzeska, Henri): 67-67
Permutations among the Nightingales (Huxley, Aldous): 68-93
Advertisements: 94-96
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