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1919 — 1920
No. 5
Lall, Chaman (editor)
London: Hendersons, 1920-09-01
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Contents Cover Design (Edwards, Mary Stella): a-a
Palimpsest: A Deceitful Portrait (Aiken, Conrad): 7-16
Eternal Yearning (Brezina, Otakar): 17-22
Pastiches (O'Brien, Edward J.): 23-29
The Unreturning Thing (Gould, Gerald): 30-32
Drawings (Goulding, Frank): A-B
The Love Song of a Pessimist: 1920 (Green, Russell): 33-35
Aphorisms (Green, Russell): 36-37
Frederick Olding's Song about Wine Island: (very, very slowly.) (Powys Mathers, E.): 38-40
The Furniture ("Michal"): 41-52
Statuette (Archipenko): C-C
Drawing (Durey, René): D-D
Picaresque (Read, Herbert): 53-53
Sonnet (Read, Herbert): 53-54
Early Astir (Read, Herbert): 54-54
Advertisements: E-F
Meditations in a Guard Room (Selver, Paul): 55-58
Nocturne for Slow Music (Selver, Paul): 59-59
Perpetuum Mobile: a Pantoum more or Less (Selver, Paul): 59-60
Muspilli (Selver, Paul): 60-61
The Return (Pierpoint, Raymond): 62-66
And if some hard unlovely Woman (Brooks, Benjamin Gilbert): 67-68
I draw into myself (Brooks, Benjamin Gilbert): 68-68
A Country Walk (Huxley, Aldous): 69-73
Suspense (Tree, Iris): 74-74
Café Royal (Tree, Iris): 75-75
The Vision in the Way (Childe, Wilfred Rowland): 76-79
Advertisements: 80-80
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