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1919 — 1920
Nos. 6/7
Green, Russel (editor)
London: Hendersons, 1920-12-01
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Contents Cover Design (Hamnet, Nina): i-i
Drawing I (Rubczak, J.): ii-ii
Contents: 1-2
Editorial: 3-5
Chop and Change (Burley, John): 6-22
Two Drawings (Rubczak, J.): A-B
Canal (Campbell, Roy): 23-23
The Head (Campbell, Roy): 24-24
The Sleepers (Campbell, Roy): 25-25
Hymn to the Earth (Childe, Wilfred Rowland): 26-27
Grand Passion (Earp, Thomas): 28-28
Post Mortem (Earp, Thomas): 28-28
Cowboy Bacchanale (Earp, Thomas): 29-30
Farcical Rhyme (Elton, Godfrey): 31-31
The Star (Fletcher, John Gould): 32-32
Drawing IV (Nelson): C-C
Drawing V. Portrait de Jeune Fille (Mendjizky): D-D
Who Will Mark (Fletcher, John Gould): 33-33
Akbar: The "Mightiest" (Harris, Frank): 34-51
Drawing VI (White, Ethelbert): E-E
Drawing VII (Zavado): F-F
Gulliver (Green, Russell): 52-57
Naive (Johnstone, G. H.): 58-59
The Street Artist (Jones, P. M.): 60-63
Abdul, Having Caught Faint Echoes of Elfin Music, Becomes Dissatisfied with Mortal Things (Keown, Anna G.): 64-65
From My Window (Keown, Anna G.): 65-66
Battle (Keen, Ralph Holbrook): 67-67
Outside Eden (Monro, Harold): 68-69
Youth (Morgan, Evan): 70-72
For You, Bright Orange Flowers... (Moult, Thomas): 73-73
The Rink Waltz (Randerson, Reginald): 74-76
The House of Blood (Riching, Ronald): 77-85
Two Drawings (Kisling): G-H
A Dead Mistress (Rickword, Edgell): 86-86
Blea Tarn (Roberts, Dorothy M.): 87-87
Urban Dialogue (Sadleir, Michael): 88-90
Four Translations by Paul Selver: 91-101
Thus Sang the Waters... (Brezina, Otakar): 91-92
Bizarre Dream (Sova, Antonin): 93-97
Two Drawings (Durey, René): I-J
Tractate on Patriotism (Machar, J. S.): 97-99
1896 (Selver, Paul): 100-100
Jotting in Late Winter (Selver, Paul): 100-101
Elegy of the Argonauts (Selver, Paul): 101-101
Imago (Strong, I. A. G.): 102-102
The Old Postman (Strong, I. A. G.): 102-102
The Lifting of the Dark (Swinley, E. Ion): 103-109
At a Dance (Tree, Iris): 110-112
The Church (Tree, Iris): 113-114
To M. B.-J. (Wilde, Oscar): 115-115
Three Fables. Ideals. I (Wright, G. M. Bessemer): 116-117
Three Fables. The Tree. II (Wright, G. M. Bessemer): 117-119
Three Fables. Fear. III (Wright, G. M. Bessemer): 119-120
Advertisements: 121-124
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