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1916 — 1921
First Cycle

Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1916-12-01
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Contents Cover Image: a-a
Dedication to E. B. Asborn: c-c
Title Page: [Wheel Motif: First Cycle]: iii-iii
Preface to the Second Edition: 'In Bad Taste': v-vi
Contents: vii-viii
Wheels (Cunard, Nancy): 9-10
The Beginning (Sitwell, Osbert): 11-12
The End (Sitwell, Osbert): 13-14
Progress (Sitwell, Osbert): 15-15
Prelude (Sitwell, Osbert): 16-16
Pierrot Old (Sitwell, Osbert): 17-19
Night (Sitwell, Osbert): 20-20
20th Century Harlequinade (Sitwell, Osbert): 21-22
'Therefore Is the Name of It Called Babel' (Sitwell, Osbert): 23-24
The Lament of the Mole Catcher (Sitwell, Osbert): 25-25
Tears (Sitwell, Osbert): 26-26
Black Mass (Sitwell, Osbert): 27-30
The Carnivals of Peace (Cunard, Nancy): 31-31
Destruction (Cunard, Nancy): 32-32
Sonnet (Cunard, Nancy): 33-33
Remorse (Cunard, Nancy): 34-34
Uneasiness (Cunard, Nancy): 35-35
From the Train (Cunard, Nancy): 36-36
Processions (Sitwell, Edith): 37-37
Gaiety (Sitwell, Edith): 38-39
Thaïs in Heaven (Sitwell, Edith): 40-40
A Lamentation (Sitwell, Edith): 41-42
Antic Hay (Sitwell, Edith): 43-44
The Drunkard (Sitwell, Edith): 45-46
The Mother (Sitwell, Edith): 47-50
The King of China's Daughter (Sitwell, Edith): 51-51
Nebuchadnezzar the King (Sitwell, Edith): 52-55
I. There Was a Peace at Eve (James, Arnold): 56-56
II. Clutching Thine Hand, Sweet Death (James, Arnold): 57-57
III. All Day He Moved Not (James, Arnold): 58-58
I. There are Songs Enough of Love (Tree, Iris): 59-61
II. Now Is the Evening Dipped Knee-Deep in Blood (Tree, Iris): 62-62
III. Mouth of the Dust I Kiss (Tree, Iris): 63-63
IV. For My Delight, Wind in the Chestnut Trees (Tree, Iris): 64-64
V. The Door Has Clanged Behind Me (Tree, Iris): 65-65
Zeppelins (Tree, Iris): 66-67
Home Thoughts in Laventie (Tennant, E. Wyndham): 68-69
Song (Tennant, E. Wyndham): 70-70
Re-Incarnation (Tennant, E. Wyndham): 71-71
'Li-Taï-Pé Drinks and Drowns' (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 72-72
A Picture (Perowne, Victor Tait): 73-74
A Dirge (Perowne, Victor Tait): 75-76
The Lady of Shallott (Perowne, Victor Tait): 77-79
Envious Youth: 1916 (Rootham, Helen): 80-80
The Great Adventure: To the Memory of E. W. T. (Rootham, Helen): 81-82
Three Prose Poems. Fairy. I (Rimbaud, Jean Arthur): 83-83
Three Prose Poems. Childhood. II (Rimbaud, Jean Arthur): 84-87
Three Prose Poems. Dawn. III (Rimbaud, Jean Arthur): 88-88
Press Notices: [Reviews of Wheels Cycle 1]: 89-96
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