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1916 — 1921
Second Cycle

Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1917-01-01
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Contents Cover Image (Beaumont, C. W.): a-a
Title Page: [Wheel Motif: Second Cycle]: iii-iii
Preface: Armchair (In Bad Taste, 2) (Sitwell, Osbert): v-vi
Contents: vii-viii
Fountains (Sitwell, Osbert): 9-10
Promenades (Sitwell, Osbert): 11-11
Prospect Road (Sitwell, Osbert): 12-13
Rag-Time (Sitwell, Osbert): 14-14
The Gipsy Queen (Sitwell, Osbert): 15-15
The Return of the Prodigal (Sitwell, Osbert): 16-17
London (Sitwell, Osbert): 18-22
The Alien (Huxley, Aldous): 23-23
By the Fire (Huxley, Aldous): 24-25
Private Property (Huxley, Aldous): 26-26
Social Amenities (Huxley, Aldous): 27-27
The Life Theoretic (Huxley, Aldous): 27-27
Siesta Thoughts (Huxley, Aldous): 28-28
Farewell to the Muses (Huxley, Aldous): 28-28
Retrospect (Huxley, Aldous): 29-30
Valedictory (Huxley, Aldous): 31-32
Tahiti (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 33-34
Barrel-Organs. Prologue. I (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 35-38
Barrel-Organs. Song: The Feathered Hat. II (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 39-40
The Nightingale (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 41-41
Soliloquy and Speech from 'The Mayor of Murcia' (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 42-49
Trumpets (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 50-50
A Dream (James, Arnold): 51-51
'Till the Morn Break' (James, Arnold): 52-52
In Nassau (Tree, Iris): 53-53
Black Velvet (Tree, Iris): 54-54
Myself in the City (Tree, Iris): 55-57
Imposture (Tree, Iris): 58-59
As a Nun's Face (Tree, Iris): 60-60
Optimism (Tree, Iris): 61-61
Question (Tree, Iris): 62-63
Ballad (Tree, Iris): 63-64
The Soldiers (Vines, Sherard): 65-67
The Gospel of Chimneys (Vines, Sherard): 68-68
The Bull (Vines, Sherard): 69-69
Low Tide (Vines, Sherard): 70-70
Carceri (Vines, Sherard): 71-71
The Pack (Vines, Sherard): 72-72
Carry On (Vines, Sherard): 73-75
From the Balcony. Lagoons (Sitwell, Edith): 76-76
From the Balcony. From the Balcony (Sitwell, Edith): 76-77
From the Balcony. Multitudes (Sitwell, Edith): 77-77
A Histrion (Sitwell, Edith): 78-79
Two Orchard Poems. The Satyr in the Periwig. I (Sitwell, Edith): 80-81
Two Orchard Poems. The Muslin Gown. II (Sitwell, Edith): 81-82
A Scene from 'Saul': An Unfinished Play (Sitwell, Edith): 83-86
Messalina at Margate (Sitwell, Edith): 87-88
The County Calls (Sitwell, Edith): 89-90
The Mad Soldier (Tennant, E. Wyndham): 91-92
Kultur (Rootham, Helen): 93-95
Aetat 19: 1917 (Rootham, Helen): 96-97
Symphony (Rootham, Helen): 98-99
Cul-de-Sac (Rootham, Helen): 100-102
The Nun (Rootham, Helen): 103-103
Song (Rootham, Helen): 104-104
Press Notices of the First Number: 105-115
Bibliography: 117-118
From B. H. Blackwell's List: 119-120
Untitled Graphic (Beaumont, C. W.): h-h
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