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1916 — 1921
Third Cycle
Sitwell, Edith (editor)
Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1918-01-01 114 p.
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Contents Cover Image: The Sky Pilot (Atkinson, Laurence): a-a
Endpapers: [Red Bicyclists] (Guevara, Alvaro de): b-A
Title Page: [Wheel Motif: Third Cycle]: iii-iii
Contents: vii-viii
London Squares (Sitwell, Osbert): 9-10
Clavichords (Sitwell, Osbert): 11-12
Metamorphosis (Sitwell, Osbert): 13-14
This Generation (Sitwell, Osbert): 15-15
Youth and Age (Sitwell, Osbert): 16-16
Song of the Fauns (Sitwell, Osbert): 17-18
Zoo Celeste (Huxley, Aldous): 19-19
Fatigue (Huxley, Aldous): 20-20
The Merry-Go-Round (Huxley, Aldous): 21-22
Gothic (Huxley, Aldous): 23-23
Evening Party (Huxley, Aldous): 24-24
Beauty. I-VIII (Huxley, Aldous): 25-35
The Exile (James, Arnold): 36-36
The Poet's Task (James, Arnold): 37-37
God Called Me to His Side (James, Arnold): 38-38
Now from Light of the Sun (James, Arnold): 39-39
Two Fragments from the Spanish. Learn Oh Flowers from Me. I (Anon): 40-41
Two Fragments from the Spanish. From Romance. II (Anon): 42-42
Fables (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 43-44
Fountains (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 45-46
'Psittachus Eois Imitratix Ales ab Indis'―Ovid (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 47-48
'Whitsun' (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 49-50
Pindar (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 51-53
Outskirts (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 54-56
Rebellion (Tree, Iris): 57-57
Confessional (Tree, Iris): 58-59
Rose (Tree, Iris): 60-60
Analysis (Tree, Iris): 61-61
Revision (Tree, Iris): 62-63
Romance (Tree, Iris): 64-64
Gourmet (Tree, Iris): 65-65
Return (Tree, Iris): 66-66
Islands (Tree, Iris): 67-67
Predestination (Vines, Sherard): 68-68
Clerk's Song (Vines, Sherard): 69-69
Sunrise (Vines, Sherard): 70-71
Little Mother of Sorrows (Vines, Sherard): 72-72
Pandemos (Vines, Sherard): 73-74
A New Ballad of Dives and Lazarus (Vines, Sherard): 75-76
The Prophet (Vines, Sherard): 77-77
A Song for Grocers (Vines, Sherard): 78-79
War-Strike (Vines, Sherard): 80-80
Sugar for the Birds. Singerie. I (Sitwell, Edith): 81-82
Sugar for the Birds. The Avenue. II (Sitwell, Edith): 83-84
Sugar for the Birds. The Blackmoor Goes to Hell. III (Sitwell, Edith): 85-85
Sugar for the Birds. Switchback. IV (Sitwell, Edith): 86-86
Sugar for the Birds. Falsetto Song. V (Sitwell, Edith): 87-87
Stopping Place (Sitwell, Edith): 88-89
Myself on the Merry-Go-Round (Sitwell, Edith): 90-92
Apricot Jam (Sitwell, Edith): 93-94
Song from 'The Queen of Palmyria' (Sitwell, Edith): 95-95
Two Nocturnes (Sitwell, Edith): 96-97
Press Cuttings: 99-101
Bibliography: 102-104
Endpapers: [Red Bicyclists] (Guevara, Alvaro de): f-B
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