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1916 — 1921
Fourth Cycle
Sitwell, Edith (editor)
Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1919-01-01 110 p.
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Contents Cover Image: Gun Drill (Roberts, William): a-a
Endpapers: [Men and Darts] (Roberts, William): b-c
Title Page: [Wheel Motif: Fourth Cycle]: iii-iii
Dedication: To the Memory of Wilfred Owen, M.C.: v-v
Contents: vii-viii
Corpse-Day: July 19th, 1919 (Sitwell, Osbert): 9-11
English Gothic (Sitwell, Osbert): 12-15
Nocturne (Sitwell, Osbert): 16-16
The Betrothal of Priapus (Huxley, Aldous): 17-18
Frascati's (Huxley, Aldous): 19-19
Verrey's (Huxley, Aldous): 20-20
Topiary (Huxley, Aldous): 21-21
Love Song (Huxley, Aldous): 22-22
Complaint of a Poet Manqué (Huxley, Aldous): 23-23
The Reef (Huxley, Aldous): 24-26
Serenade (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 27-27
The Italian Air (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 28-28
Mrs. H...., or a Lady from Babel (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 29-30
Valse Estudiantina (Sitwell, Sacheverell): 31-33
I: Now the Gold Goes Trickling Out of the Sunset (James, Arnold): 34-34
II: Now My White-Winged Dreams Do Rove (James, Arnold): 35-36
III: My Lips Were Blossoming Flowers of Bitterness (James, Arnold): 37-37
Two Translations from the Spanish of Quevedo. Cordova. I (Quevedo, Francesco): 38-38
Two Translations from the Spanish of Quevedo. To the Mosquito of the Little Trumpet. II (Quevedo, Francesco): 39-39
Elders (Tree, Iris): 40-41
The Complex Life (Tree, Iris): 42-44
Remorse (Tree, Iris): 45-45
Soul's Avarice (Tree, Iris): 46-46
Wanderlust (Tree, Iris): 47-47
Changing Mirrors (Tree, Iris): 48-48
Lamp-Posts (Tree, Iris): 49-49
Memory (Tree, Iris): 50-50
Disenchantment (Tree, Iris): 51-51
The Show (Owen, Wilfred): 52-53
Strange Meeting (Owen, Wilfred): 54-55
Á Terre: Being the philosophy of many soldiers (Owen, Wilfred): 56-58
The Sentry (Owen, Wilfred): 59-60
Disabled (Owen, Wilfred): 61-62
The Dead-Beat (Owen, Wilfred): 63-63
The Chances (Owen, Wilfred): 64-64
Elan Vital (Vines, Sherard): 65-67
The Soldier's Last Love: In memory of K.S., H.L.I. (Vines, Sherard): 68-70
Experience (Vines, Sherard): 71-73
New Saints (Vines, Sherard): 74-74
Über Allen Gipfeln Ist Ruh (Vines, Sherard): 75-75
A Dark Church (Vines, Sherard): 76-76
Materialism: Or Pastor Takes the Restaurant Car for Heaven (Sitwell, Edith): 77-78
Nine Bucolic Poems. What the Goosegirl Said about the Dean. I (Sitwell, Edith): 79-80
Nine Bucolic Poems. The Girl with the Lint-White Locks. II (Sitwell, Edith): 81-82
Nine Bucolic Poems. By Candlelight. III (Sitwell, Edith): 83-83
Nine Bucolic Poems. Variations on an Old Nursery Rhyme. IV (Sitwell, Edith): 84-84
Nine Bucolic Poems. Serenade Bergamasque. V (Sitwell, Edith): 85-85
Nine Bucolic Poems. Clown's Houses. VI (Sitwell, Edith): 86-88
Nine Bucolic Poems. Miss Nettybun and the Satyr's Child. VII (Sitwell, Edith): 89-89
Nine Bucolic Poems. Queen Venus and the Choir-Boy. VIII (Sitwell, Edith): 90-90
Nine Bucolic Poems. 'Tournez, Tournez, Bons Chevaux de Bois'. IX (Sitwell, Edith): 91-92
Press Notices: 93-97
Bibliography: 99-103
Endpapers: [Men and Darts] (Roberts, William): f-g
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