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1912 — 1922
Vol. 3, No. 4
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1914-01-01 52 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Green (Lawrence, D. H.): 115-115
All of Roses (Lawrence, D. H.): 115-117
Fireflies in the Corn (Lawrence, D. H.): 117-119
A Woman and Her Dead Husband (Lawrence, D. H.): 119-121
The Wind, the Rascal (Lawrence, D. H.): 122-122
The Mother of Sons (Lawrence, D. H.): 122-124
Illicit (Lawrence, D. H.): 124-124
Birthday (Lawrence, D. H.): 125-125
A Day for Wandering (Scollard, Clinton): 126-126
Heart's Holiday (Norton, Grace Fallow): 127-127
Iole (Norton, Grace Fallow): 128-128
Oh Hush, My Heart! (Norton, Grace Fallow): 129-130
Allegra Agonistes (Norton, Grace Fallow): 130-131
To a Friend (Watson, Minor): 131-131
The Rose (Cournos, John): 132-132
I have drifted (Aldington, Richard): 133-133
Lesbia (Aldington, Richard): 133-134
Argyria (Aldington, Richard): 134-134
The Poplar (Aldington, Richard): 135-136
Glaucopis (Aldington, Richard): 136-136
The Tradition (Pound, Ezra): 137-141
"Sobriety and Earnestness" (Monroe, Harriet): 141-144
Book Review: The Little Book of Modern Verse, edited by Jessie B. Rittenhouse (Monroe, Harriet): 144-145
Book Review: Minions of the Moon; The Republic; two volumes of poetry by Madison Cawein (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 146-146
Book Review: Streets and A Country Boy, by Douglas Goldring (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 147-147
Book Review: 'The Poems of Paul Mariett' (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 147-148
Book Review: Some Letters of William Vaughan Moody (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 148-149
A Word from Mr. Yeats (Yeats, William Butler): 149-150
Notes: 151-151
Books Received: 151-152
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