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1912 — 1922
Vol. 4, No. 4
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1914-07-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents The Firemen's Ball (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 123-131
The Santa Fé Trail (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 132-138
The Black Hawk War of the Artists (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 138-140
From A Club Window (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 141-141
Rodin (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 141-142
Star-Magic (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 142-143
Sitting Blind By the Sea (Stuart, Ruth McEnery): 144-145
We Want Land (Aisen, Maurice): 146-148
Peasant Love Songs (Aisen, Maurice): 149-152
The conscript (Aisen, Maurice): 152-153
A French Poet on Tradition (De Gourmont, Remy): 154-160
Mr. Lindsay on "Primitive Singing" (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 161-162
Doina: 162-163
Book Review: Love and Liberation, by John Hall Wheelock (Monroe, Harriet): 163-164
Book Review: Little Verse for a Little Clan, by F.D.W. (Monroe, Harriet): 165-166
Book Review: Unconditioned Songs, by Anonymous (E. T.): 166-166
Book Review: Men of No Land, by Mildred McNeal Sweeny (E. T.): 167-167
Book Review: The Foothills of Parnassus, by John Kendrick Bangs (E. T.): 167-167
Notes: 167-167
Books Received: 168-168
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