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1912 — 1922
Vol. 6, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1915-04-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Passages From a Poem: The New World (Bynner, Witter): 1-8
Venus Transiens (Lowell, Amy): 9-9
Solitaire (Lowell, Amy): 10-10
Red Slippers (Lowell, Amy): 10-11
Our Daily Bread (Benton, Rita): 12-13
Heartily Know (Dargan, E. Preston): 14-14
Erect (Dargan, E. Preston): 15-15
For a Map of Mars (Dargan, E. Preston): 15-16
On First Looking Into the Manuscript of Endymion (Towne, Charles Hanson): 17-17
Nineteen-Fourteen: Peace (Brooke, Rupert): 18-18
Nineteen-Fourteen: The Dead (Brooke, Rupert): 18-19
Nineteen-Fourteen: The Soldier (Brooke, Rupert): 19-19
The Bird and the Tree (Torrence, Ridgely): 20-21
The Wayfarer (Colum, Padraic): 22-23
In the Orchestra (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 24-28
The Shakesperian Motive (Monroe, Harriet): 29-32
Miss Lowell's Discovery: Polyphonic Prose (Fletcher, John Gould): 32-36
Book Review: Arrows in the Gale by Arturo Giovannitti (Monroe, Harriet): 36-38
Book Review: Sonnets of a Portrait Painter by Arthur Davison Ficke (Monroe, Harriet): 39-40
Book Review: Children of Love by Harold Monro (Monroe, Harriet): 41-42
Book Review: Ernest Dowson by Victor Plarr (Pound, Ezra): 43-45
Book Review: Crack o' Dawn by Fannie Stearns Davis (Monroe, Harriet): 45-46
Book Review: Songs of the Outlands, Ballads of the Hoboes, and Other Verse by Henry Herbert Knibbs (Monroe, Harriet): 46-47
Book Review: Bread and Circuses by Helen Parry Eden (Monroe, Harriet): 47-47
Book Review: 'New Poems' by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, ed. by Sir Frederick G. Kenyon (Monroe, Harriet): 47-47
The New Beauty (Weeks, Leroy Titus): 48-51
A Word from the Ball (Browne, Waldo R.): 51-51
Miss Lowell Not the Editor (Lowell, Amy): 52-52
Notes: 52-52
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