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1912 — 1922
Vol. 6, No. 5
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1915-08-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents The Water Ouzel (Monroe, Harriet): 215-216
The Pine at Timber-Line (Monroe, Harriet): 216-217
A Lady of the Snows (Monroe, Harriet): 217-217
On the Porch (Monroe, Harriet): 218-219
Mountain Song (Monroe, Harriet): 219-220
Post Annos (Cabell, James Branch): 221-222
The Apple-Tree (Campbell, Nancy): 223-223
The Monkey (Campbell, Nancy): 224-224
The Waterfall (Colahan, Ellwood): 225-225
The Summer Sea (Dole, Nathan Haskell): 225-225
The Crag (Kueffner, Louise Mallinkrodt): 226-226
Annunciation (Hoyt, Helen): 227-229
The New-Born (Hoyt, Helen): 229-229
Rain At Night (Hoyt, Helen): 230-230
Since I Have Felt the Sense of Death (Hoyt, Helen): 230-231
Action Poem (Hoyt, Helen): 231-232
The City (Endicoff, Max): 233-233
On a Window Display in a Western City (Benét, William Rose): 234-235
Death and the Aviator (Petrunkevitch, Wanda): 236-236
Inconsistency (Petrunkevitch, Wanda): 236-236
One Listens (Carter, Louise Adèle): 237-238
Battle: The Going (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 239-239
Battle: The Joke (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 239-239
Battle: Nightmare (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 240-240
Battle: In the Ambulance (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 240-241
Battle: Hit (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 241-241
Battle: The Housewife (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 242-242
Battle: Hill-Born (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 242-242
Battle: The Fear (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 242-243
Battle: Back (Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson): 243-243
In Cathay (Monroe, Harriet): 244-247
Book Review: The Man on the Hill-Top, by Arthur Davison Ficke (Wyatt, Edith): 247-252
Book Review: Chap Books and Broadsheets—'The Old Ships' by James Elroy Flecker, 'Spring Morning' by Frances Cornford, 'The Contemplative Quarry' by Anna Wickham, 'Songs' by Edward Shanks, and 'A Broadside' by Jack B. Yeats (Colum, Padraic): 252-256
Book Review: Poems, by E. Scott Huelin. Sounds From Another Valler, by H.F. Sampson. The Song of the Five, by Cecil Garth. (Pound, Ezra): 257-258
Our Friend the Enemy (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 259-261
Whitman Amended: 261-262
Two Poems by Rilke (Münsterberg, Margarete): 263-264
Poetry and the Panama-Pacific Exposition (Tietjens, Eunice): 264-265
Comment on Tietjens: 266-266
Desertion (Hoyt, Helen): 267-267
Notes: 267-268
Books Received: 268-268
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