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1912 — 1922
Vol. 6, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1915-09-01 84 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Chalks: Black, Red, White: Lead Soldiers (Lowell, Amy): 269-274
Chalks: Black, Red, White: Vernal Equinox (Lowell, Amy): 275-275
Chalks: Black, Red, White: Fenway Park (Lowell, Amy): 275-275
Chalks: Black, Red, White: May Evening in Central Park (Lowell, Amy): 176-277
Chalks: Black, Red, White: Aliens (Lowell, Amy): 277-277
Chalks: Black, Red, White: Strain (Lowell, Amy): 277-278
Chalks: Black, Red, White: The Painter on Silk (Lowell, Amy): 278-279
Fatherland (Hagedorn, Hermann): 280-281
Aglavaine (Smith, Lewis Worthington): 282-283
Driftwood (Smith, Lewis Worthington): 283-284
A Poet to His Poems (Cheyne, Elizabeth Gibson): 284-284
Three Guests (Lee, Agnes): 285-285
At Dawn (Lee, Agnes): 285-286
Long Distance Line (Lee, Agnes): 286-287
Discordants (Aiken, Conrad): 287-291
Bokardo (Robinson, Edwin Arlington): 292-296
Chaucer and Langland (Monroe, Harriet): 297-302
Its Inner Meaning (Monroe, Harriet): 302-305
What Is Poetry? (Masters, Edgar Lee):
Book Review: 'The Shoes of Happiness and Other Poems' by Edwin Markham (Monroe, Harriet): 308-311
Book Review: 'The Poet in the Desert' by Charles Erskine Scott Wood (Monroe, Harriet): 311-314
Our Contemporaries. I (Monroe, Harriet): 315-317
Our Contemporaries. The Discarded Imagist. II (Upward, Allen): 317-318
A Winged Word (Dell, Floyd): 319-320
Notes: 321-321
Books Received: 322-322
Advertisements: E-K
Staff and Subscribers: i-ii
Contents of Volume VI: iii-viii
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