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1912 — 1922
Vol. 7, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1915-10-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Days: Sketch (Sandburg, Carl): 1-1
Days: Nocturne in a Deserted Brickyard (Sandburg, Carl): 2-2
Days: Alone (Sandburg, Carl): 2-2
Days: Monotone (Sandburg, Carl): 2-3
Days: Under the Harvest Moon (Sandburg, Carl): 3-3
Days: Joy (Sandburg, Carl): 4-4
Days: The Great Hunt (Sandburg, Carl): 4-5
Days: Days (Sandburg, Carl): 5-5
Days: Handfuls (Sandburg, Carl): 5-6
Days: They Will Say (Sandburg, Carl): 6-6
Days: A Fence (Sandburg, Carl): 6-7
Days: The Poor (Sandburg, Carl): 7-7
Days: Killers (Sandburg, Carl): 7-8
Days: Choose (Sandburg, Carl): 9-9
Days: Kin (Sandburg, Carl): 9-9
Days: Places (Sandburg, Carl): 9-10
Days: Our Prayer of Thanks (Sandburg, Carl): 10-11
Leaves (Teasdale, Sara): 12-12
Morning (Teasdale, Sara): 12-13
The Answer (Teasdale, Sara): 13-13
Pictures (Barrett, Wilton Agnew): 14-15
A New England Church (Barrett, Wilton Agnew): 15-16
The Scarlet Thread (Musgrove, Charles Hamilton): 17-17
Mirella Dances (Dodd, Lee Wilson): 18-20
The Boston Evening Transcript (Eliot, T. S.): 21-21
Aunt Helen (Eliot, T. S.): 21-22
Cousin Nancy (Eliot, T. S.): 22-22
Images (Aldington, Richard): 23-24
Slavic Songs (Livesay, Florence Randal): 25-29
Our Birthday (Monroe, Harriet): 30-31
Poetic Drama (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 31-35
At the Fair (Monroe, Harriet): 35-40
Book Review: Robert Bridges' New Book (Pound, Ezra): 40-44
Book Review: 'Irradiations: Sand and Spray' by John Gould Fletcher (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 44-47
Book Review: 'Processionals' by John Curtis Underwood (E. T.): 47-48
What Would Walt Think? (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 48-49
A Partisan Verdict (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 50-52
Prize Announcements: 52-53
Notes: 53-54
Books Received: 54-54
Advertisements: E-K
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