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1912 — 1922
Vol. 7, No. 4
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1916-01-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Once City Only (Corbin, Alice): 163-164
Music (Corbin, Alice): 165-166
The Pool (Corbin, Alice): 166-167
Apparitions (Corbin, Alice): 167-167
Color Note (Corbin, Alice): 168-168
Song (Corbin, Alice): 168-168
Summer Dawn (Skinner, Constance Lindsay): 169-172
Kan-Il-Lak the Singer (Skinner, Constance Lindsay): 172-174
Nak-ku Answers (Skinner, Constance Lindsay): 174-174
Footnotes. Magdalen. I (Lee, Muna): 175-175
Footnotes. Harvest. II (Lee, Muna): 175-175
Footnotes. 'I who had sought God blindly'. III (Lee, Muna): 175-176
Footnotes. 'I shall not sing again of love'. IV (Lee, Muna): 176-176
Footnotes. 'I took my sorrow into the woods'. V (Lee, Muna): 176-177
Footnotes. 'Lips you were not anhungered for'. VI (Lee, Muna): 177-177
Footnotes. 'Behind the house is the millet plot'. VII (Lee, Muna): 177-178
Footnotes. 'Though you should whisper'. VIII (Lee, Muna): 178-178
Footnotes. 'Now have I conquered'. IX (Lee, Muna): 178-178
The Home-Coming (Dunning, Ralph Cheever): 179-181
Under the Trees (Rodker, John): 182-182
Saint John of Nepomuc (Mitchell, Ruth Comfort): 183-186
Latin Quarter Ways: Students (Wilkinson, Florence): 187-189
Latin Quarter Ways: The Little Cafė (Wilkinson, Florence): 189-190
Latin Quarter Ways: Blanche of the Quarter (Wilkinson, Florence): 191-192
"Grotesques" and "Overtones" (Monroe, Harriet): 193-196
Remy de Gourmont (Pound, Ezra): 197-202
Book Review: 'Six French Poets: Studies in Contemporary Literature' by Amy Lowell (A. L.): 202-207
Book Review: The First Modern—'Some Love Songs of Petrarch' trans. by William Dudley Foulke (Fuller, Henry B.): 207-209
Book Review: New Poets―'Vision of War' by Lincoln Colcord (Monroe, Harriet): 209-211
Book Review: New Poets―'A Little Book of Local Verse' by Howard Mumford Jones (Monroe, Harriet): 211-212
Letter I (Untermeyer, Louis): 212-212
Letter II (Fletcher, John Gould): 213-214
Note About Prizes: 214-215
Notes: 215-215
Books Received: 216-216
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