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1912 — 1922
Vol. 7, No. 5
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1916-02-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents The Dawn (Yeats, William Butler): 217-217
On Woman (Yeats, William Butler): 218-219
The Fisherman (Yeats, William Butler): 219-221
The Hawk (Yeats, William Butler): 221-221
Memory (Yeats, William Butler): 222-222
The Thorn Tree (Yeats, William Butler): 222-222
The Phoenix (Yeats, William Butler): 223-224
There Is a Queen in China (Yeats, William Butler): 224-226
The Scholars (Yeats, William Butler): 226-226
In London: Cones (Flint, F. S.): 227-227
In London: Gloom (Flint, F. S.): 227-229
In London: Terror (Flint, F. S.): 229-230
In London: Evil (Flint, F. S.): 230-231
In London: War-Time (Flint, F. S.): 231-232
Buds (Laird, William): 233-233
Easland Waters (Lee, Agnes): 234-235
The Lacemaker of Ypres (Bispham, G. Tucker): 236-236
Dread (Bispham, G. Tucker): 237-237
Nocturne (Bispham, G. Tucker): 237-237
Failure (Bispham, G. Tucker): 238-238
Charm (Bispham, G. Tucker): 238-238
Old Manuscript (Kreymborg, Alfred): 239-239
Postponement (Fuller, Henry B.): 240-245
The Question of Prizes (Monroe, Harriet): 246-249
The Work of Ezra Pound (Sandburg, Carl): 249-257
The Later Yeats (Colum, Mary M.): 258-260
The Death of Stephen Phillips (Monroe, Harriet): 260-262
Book Review: The Collected poems of Rupert Brooke (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 262-264
Book Review: The Song of Hugh Glass, by John Neihardt (Monroe, Harriet): 264-266
Book Review: Poems, by G.K. Chesterton (Wyatt, Edith): 267-268
Notes: 269-270
Books Received: 270-270
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