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1912 — 1922
Vol. 8, No. 2
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1916-05-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Baldur (Upward, Allen): 55-59
Holidays (Upward, Allen): 60-62
Finis (Upward, Allen): 62-62
May in the City: The Newcomers (Michelson, Max): 63-63
May in the City: Love-Lyric (Michelson, Max): 63-64
May in the City: Midnight (Michelson, Max): 64-64
May in the City: The Willow Tree (Michelson, Max): 65-65
May in the City: Storm (Michelson, Max): 65-65
May in the City: The Red Light (Michelson, Max): 65-66
May in the City: In the Park (Michelson, Max): 66-66
May in the City: A Hymn to Night (Michelson, Max): 67-67
To a Golden-Crowned Thrush (Hunt, Richard): 68-68
Sheila Eileen (Patterson, Antoinette DeCoursey): 69-69
Carnage (Patterson, Antoinette DeCoursey): 69-69
Indiana (Thompson, Daphne Kieffer): 70-71
An Old Song (Thompson, Daphne Kieffer): 71-72
Forgiveness (O'Donnell, Charles L.): 72-72
Sketches in Color: Columns of Evening (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 73-73
Sketches in Color: Happiness (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 73-73
Sketches in Color: Suffering (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 73-74
Sketches in Color: A Man to a Dead Woman (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 74-74
Sketches in Color: The Window-Washers (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 74-75
Sketches in Color: The Department Store (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 75-75
Pyrotechnics (Lowell, Amy): 76-77
To a Flower (Herter, Suzette): 77-77
A Little Girl (Aldis, Mary): 78-84
Down East (Monroe, Harriet): 85-89
Book Review: Chicago Poems, by Carl Sandburg (Monroe, Harriet): 90-93
Book Review: Catholic Anthology--1914-1915 (Michelson, Max): 94-96
Book Review: Two Belgian Poets―'Maurice Maeterlinck: A Critical Study' by Una Taylor, 'Poems by Maurice Maeterlinck' trans. by Bernard Miall, and 'Poems of Émile Verhaeren' sel. and trans. by Alma Strettell (A. F.): 96-103
A New School of Poetry (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 103-105
The Critic's Sense of Humor: 106-106
Notes: 107-107
Books Received: 107-108
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