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1912 — 1922
Vol. 8, No. 4
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1916-07-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Three Travelers Watch a Sunrise: A Play in One Act (Stevens, Wallace): 163-179
In Memory of Bryan Lathrop (Masters, Edgar Lee): 180-180
Sacrifice (Manning, Frederic): 181-182
The Wild Bird (Warren, Gretchen): 182-182
He Buildeth His House (Long, Lily A.): 183-183
The Poet's Part (Long, Lily A.): 183-184
The Wind in the Trees (Knight, Lulu W.): 184-184
Good Morning (Norden, Peter): 185-185
To a Certain Fair Lady (Bryson, Lyman): 185-185
A Colloquy in Sleep (Ellyson, John Regnault): 186-186
The Fledging (Barry, Iris): 187-187
Impression (Barry, Iris): 187-187
Study (Barry, Iris): 187-187
Domestic (Barry, Iris): 188-188
Double (Barry, Iris): 188-189
Town-Mouse (Barry, Iris): 189-189
Enough Has Been Said of Sunset (Barry, Iris): 189-190
Impression (Barry, Iris): 190-190
Poems By Children: The Purple Gray (MacKaye, Arvia): 191-191
Poems By Children: Songs (Conkling, Hilda): 191-192
Poems By Children: Summertime (Conkling, Elsa): 193-194
How Not To Do It (Monroe, Harriet): 195-197
The Rejection Slip (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 197-199
Rubén Dario (Selva, Salomón de la): 200-204
Book Review: 'The Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley' edited by Roger Ingpen (Wyatt, Edith): 204-208
Book Review: Idols, by Walter Conrad Arensburg (Michelson, Max): 208-211
Our Contemporaries. I (Monroe, Harriet): 211-212
Our Contemporaries. II: 212-213
Our Contemporaries. III: 213-213
August Stramm (O'Brien, Edward J.): 213-215
The Parting (Dodd, Lee Wilson): 215-217
Notes: 217-218
Books Received: 218-218
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