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1912 — 1922
Vol. 9, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-03-01 84 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents City Pastorals: Poem to Be Danced (Hoyt, Helen): 177-278
City Pastorals: Under the Tree (Hoyt, Helen): 278-278
City Pastorals: The Dancer (Hoyt, Helen): 278-279
City Pastorals: To a Vine the Workmen Cut Down (Hoyt, Helen): 279-280
City Pastorals: Arches (Hoyt, Helen): 280-280
City Pastorals: Continuance (Hoyt, Helen): 280-281
City Pastorals: Sky-Humor (Hoyt, Helen): 281-282
City Pastorals: The Letter (Hoyt, Helen): 282-282
City Pastorals: 283 (Hoyt, Helen): 283-283
City Pastorals: Hey Nonino (Hoyt, Helen): 283-284
City Pastorals: Men-Folks (Hoyt, Helen): 284-284
Country Rhymes: Old Youth (Johns, Orrick): 285-285
Country Rhymes: The Door (Johns, Orrick): 285-286
Country Rhymes: The Tree Toad (Johns, Orrick): 286-287
Country Rhymes: The Horns of Peace (Johns, Orrick): 287-288
Country Rhymes: Dilemma (Johns, Orrick): 288-288
A Blue Valentine (Kilmer, Joyce): 289-291
The Thorn (Kilmer, Joyce): 291-291
A Nun (Shepard, Odell): 292-292
What the Orderly Dog Saw (Hueffer, Ford Madox): 293-294
What the Civilian Saw (Hueffer, Violet Hunt): 295-295
Winds of March: 'Newly Seeded' (Michelson, Max): 296-296
Winds of March: Night Moods (Michelson, Max): 297-297
Winds of March: On a Windy Afternoon (Michelson, Max): 297-297
Winds of March: Off (Michelson, Max): 298-298
Winds of March: Fire (Michelson, Max): 298-298
Winds of March: Knowledge (Michelson, Max): 298-298
Winds of March: The Adversary (Michelson, Max): 299-299
Winds of March: A Polish Girl (Michelson, Max): 299-299
Winds of March: Portrait (Michelson, Max): 300-300
Winds of March: Gone (Michelson, Max): 300-300
Winds of March: Playing Horse (Michelson, Max): 300-301
Winds of March: Traveler (Michelson, Max): 300-301
Lacquer Prints: Streets (Lowell, Amy): 302-302
Lacquer Prints: Desolation (Lowell, Amy): 302-302
Lacquer Prints: Sunshine (Lowell, Amy): 302-303
Lacquer Prints: Illusion (Lowell, Amy): 303-303
Lacquer Prints: A Year Passes (Lowell, Amy): 303-303
Lacquer Prints: A Lover (Lowell, Amy): 303-303
Lacquer Prints: To a Husband (Lowell, Amy): 303-303
Lacquer Prints: From China (Lowell, Amy): 304-304
Lacquer Prints: Autumn (Lowell, Amy): 304-304
Lacquer Prints: Ephemera (Lowell, Amy): 304-304
Lacquer Prints: Document (Lowell, Amy): 304-305
Lacquer Prints: The Emperor's Garden (Lowell, Amy): 305-305
Lacquer Prints: One of the "Hundred Views of Fuji" by Hokusai (Lowell, Amy): 305-305
Lacquer Prints: Disillusion (Lowell, Amy): 306-306
Lacquer Prints: Paper Fishes (Lowell, Amy): 306-306
Lacquer Prints: Meditation (Lowell, Amy): 306-306
Lacquer Prints: The Camellia Tree of Matsue (Lowell, Amy): 306-307
Hard Times Indeed (Monroe, Harriet): 308-312
Things to Be Done (Pound, Ezra): 312-314
Book Review: 'Selections from the Symbolical Poems of William Blake' edited by Fred. E. Pierce (Fletcher, John Gould): 315-320
Book Review: 'The Tidings Brought to Mary' by Paul Claudel, trans. by Louise Morgan Sill (Michelson, Max): 321-322
Book Review: 'The Great White Wall' by William Rose Benét (Tietjens, Eunice): 322-324
Book Review: Other Books of Verse (Monroe, Harriet): 324-327
Home Rule (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 328-329
A Word From Dr. Gordon (Gordon, Frank S.): 329-330
Patriotism (Hoyt, Helen): 330-330
Notes: 331-331
Books Received: 331-332
Advertisements: E-J
Staff and Subscribers: i-ii
Contents of Volume IX: iii-viii
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