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1912 — 1922
Vol. 10, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-09-01 84 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Mid-American Songs: Song of Stephen the Westerner (Anderson, Sherwood): 281-283
Mid-American Songs: American Spring Song (Anderson, Sherwood): 284-285
Mid-American Songs: A Visit (Anderson, Sherwood): 285-285
Mid-American Songs: Song of the Drunken Business Man (Anderson, Sherwood): 286-287
Mid-American Songs: Evening Song (Anderson, Sherwood): 287-287
Mid-American Songs: Song of Industrial America (Anderson, Sherwood): 288-291
Songs From the Woods: White Magic (Graves, Harley): 292-292
Songs From the Woods: A Thought When the Noon is Hot (Graves, Harley): 292-293
Songs From the Woods: Before Dawn in Camp (Graves, Harley): 293-293
Songs From the Woods: I Came To Be Alone (Graves, Harley): 293-294
The Scarlet Tanager (Hunt, Richard): 293-293
A Simple Song for America (Baker, Karle Wilson): 296-296
The Dreamers (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 297-297
Nocturne (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 297-297
Old Timers (Sandburg, Carl): 298-298
Among the Rodins (Cournos, John): 299-299
Lake Michigan At Night (Iris, Scharmel): 300-300
Your Neighbor and Mine (Iris, Scharmel): 300-301
The Old Man (Iris, Scharmel): 201-301
War-Time Cradle Song (Iris, Scharmel): 302-302
The Moonlight Sonata (Wheelock, John Hall): 303-310
Emerson In a Loggia (Monroe, Harriet): 311-315
The Great Adventure (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 316-319
Our Cowboy Poet (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 319-320
Book Review: 'Lollingdon Downs' by John Masefield (Monroe, Harriet): 320-323
Book Review: 'An April Elegy' by Arthur Davison Ficke (Tietjens, Eunice): 323-326
Book Review: 'Profiles from China' by Eunice Tietjens (Lowell, Amy): 326-330
Book Review: 'Chants Patriotiques et Autres Poèmes' and 'Les Trois Rois et Autres Poèmes' by Émile Cammaertes (Lee, Agnes): 331-335
Notes: 335-336
Books Received: 336-336
Advertisements: E-H
Staff and Subscribers: i-viii
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