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1912 — 1922
Vol. 11, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-10-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Canticle of the Race: Song of Men (Masters, Edgar Lee): 1-4
Cantlcle of the Race: Song of the Human Spirit (Masters, Edgar Lee): 4-5
The Price (Benét, William Rose): 6-9
Autumn Leaves: Mid-October (Birch, Helen Louise): 10-10
Autumn Leaves: Up In the Hills (Birch, Helen Louise): 11-11
Autumn Leaves: Can This Be All? (Birch, Helen Louise): 11-11
Autumn Leaves: Artist (Birch, Helen Louise): 11-11
Autumn Leaves: Music (Birch, Helen Louise): 12-12
Autumn Leaves: Forewarned (Birch, Helen Louise): 12-13
Autumn Leaves: Prophets (Birch, Helen Louise): 13-13
Autumn Leaves: A Voice Breaks In Upon the Silence (Birch, Helen Louise): 13-13
The Soap-Box (Lindsay, Vachel): 14-16
How Samson Bore Away the Gates of Gaza (Lindsay, Vachel): 17-19
On the Road: Hrolf's Thrall--His Song (Wattles, Willard): 20-20
On the Road: Difference (Wattles, Willard): 20-21
On the Road: A Song of No Consequence (Wattles, Willard): 21-21
On the Road: Heaven (Wattles, Willard): 22-22
On the Road: The Builder (Wattles, Willard): 22-23
On the Road: Ding Dong Bell (Wattles, Willard): 23-23
To a Portrait of Whistler in the Brooklyn Art museum (Cox, Eleanor Rogers): 24-25
Whistler's White Girl (Cox, Eleanor Rogers): 25-25
Youth-Song (Widdemer, Margaret): 26-27
Vain Hiding (Widdemer, Margaret): 27-27
I Did Not Know (Widdemer, Margaret): 28-28
Prescience (Widdemer, Margaret): 28-28
Ego Dominus Tuus (Yeats, William Butler): 29-32
These Five Years (Monroe, Harriet): 33-41
Book Review: Poems, by Ralph Hodgson (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 41-44
Book Review: Asphalt, by Orrick Johns (Monroe, Harriet): 44-47
Book Review: Streets and Faces, by Scudder Middleton (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 47-48
Book Review: Swords for Life, by Irene Rutherford McLeod (Monroe, Harriet): 49-50
Book Review: The Dance of Youth, by Julia Cooley (Monroe, Harriet): 50-51
Book Review: Reveries Over Childhood and Youth, by William Butler Yeats (Colum, Padraic): 51-54
A Note From Mr. Lindsay (Lindsay, Vachel): 54-55
The Poetry Theatre League (Brody, Alter): 55-55
That Cowboy Poem (Skaling, William H.): 56-56
Good-bye To Eunice Tietjens (Sandburg, Carl): 56-57
Notes: 57-58
Books Received: 58-58
Advertisements: E-H
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